RIP Madonna became a Twitter trend early today, the same day that singer Whitney Houston is being buried. The death hoax began trending hours before Houston's funeral is scheduled to begin. There are no official reports that Madonna, who recently performed at the 2012 Super Bowl, has died. However Twitter death hoaxes are not new.

Following his performance on the Grammys, singer RIP Chris Brown began trending. Prior to brown's death hoax, actor Keanu Reeves was falsely reported as dead on Twitter while Houston was still being mourned by her fans. Others who celebrities such as Bon Jovi, Eddie Murphy have been declared dead on Twitter.

Here is how some Twitter users are responding to the fake death report:

-- RIP Madonna is trending. I don't really like her, but to joke about that and also write hope she's dead is just stupid and disrespectful

-- Why start an untrue RIP Madonna trend? Nothing funny about people dying...

-- RIP Madonna? Dear Twitter, you should stop killing people and fix your sense of humour...

-- RIP Madonna. Is this suppose to be funny?

-- 'RIP Madonna' on twitter, this is not good.

It is unclear how it got started but some users are blaming fans of Lady Gaga for the RIP Madonna Twitter trend.

-- Lady Gaga fans trended 'RIP Madonna'. 1) It's not funny, we just recently lost Whitney. 2) Gaga is NOT the best. 3) No one likes you.

-- Gaga fans tryin to RIP Madonna now? You dont even gotta be a Madonna fan to understand she birthed that lame

-- Lady Gaga fans tweet RIP Madonna to show that their anger against her. Seriously the end of Western civilization is nearing close.

-- C'mon..RIP Lady Gaga / RIP Madonna they are both queens!