Sylvester Stallone, Sage Stallone
Actor Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky Balboa in a scene with his real-life son, Sage Stallone, who portrays Rocky Balboa Jr., in the 1990 film ''Rocky V'' in this undated publicity photograph released to Reuters on Saturday. Aspiring actor and filmmaker Sage Stallone, 36, was found dead on Friday at his home, authorities and his attorney said. Reuters

When Sylvester Stallone's son Sage Moonblood Stallone, 36, was found dead in his Los Angeles home Friday, many initial reports said the actor and screenwriter died of a drug overdose.

Some speculated that it was a suicide. Now, according to Sage Stallone's attorney, it appears those claims may be entirely bogus.

Stallone's lawyer and longtime friend George Braunstein has come out saying that Stallone was not suicidal and had no history of past drug abuse, according to E! News.

Sage wasn't anyone trying to take his life, Braunstein said.

Much of the drug-related speculation about Stallone's death came from early reports by celebrity news site TMZ that Stallone lived like Howard Hughes and kept two drawers filled with various pill bottles. However, Braunstein claimed these reports are blatantly false, and that no one knew Stallone to abuse drugs.

According to Braunstein, when Stallone's mother, Sasha Czack, went to identify the body, she found no incrimidaiting evidence, only a bunch of empty Doc Brown's Cream Soda [containers].

When asked about Stallone's possible drug use, Braunstein replied: Never, no, not from the day I met him. I never knew him to drink alcohol. I never saw him take drugs. I never knew of anything like that at all.

Braunstein repeatedly stressed that all of his recent interactions with Stallone had been positive, and that the young celebrity was intently busy making plans for the future.

We were just joking about how he was going to get married and have a fun marriage. There was nothing dark or depressing, no problems, certainly no financial problems, Braunstein said.

One thing is clear to both sides, however: Stallone's death was certainly an accident of some kind. According to police reports cited by E! News, there were no signs of forced entry or other foul play at Stallone's house. Even TMZ admitted Stallone's death was in all likelihood accidental.