Nick Bosa San Francisco 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers are expected to try and work on a deal to keep Nick Bosa in the fold for years to come. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


  • The 49ers have no plans of trading away Nick Bosa
  • Bosa is expected to land a massive deal with the 49ers at some point
  • The 49ers are likely to do everything they can to retain Nick Bosa

For teams who were anticipating a potential NFL trade involving Nick Bosa, it may be best to save that thought at least after the 2023-24 season.

No less than general manager John Lynch made this clear to reporters, adding that any trades happening of Bosa's impending free agency "never opened."

"That hotline is closed," Lynch said to reporters. "That never opened."

For now, the 49ers are focused on the 2023 NFL Draft. Furthermore, any new deal for the 2019 NFL Rookie of the Year can be worked on from there.

Bosa was the second overall selection of the Niners during the 2019 NFL Draft. Based on the accolades that he has received then, there is no question that the Niners would be foolish not to work out a new package to keep him in San Francisco.

Aside from being a former NFL Defensive Player of the Year and NFL Rookie of the Year, Bosa has also been part of three Pro Bowl selections.

As far as his health is concerned, Bosa suffered a torn ACL in 2020, an injury that forced him to play in only two games.

Regardless, the 2022 Deacon Jones Award winner made an even huge impression when he was able to return successfully from the injury and carve his niche as one of the top defensive players in the NFL,

But beyond that recovery from his ACL injury, it would be best to note that Bosa is only 25 years old.

This is a prime reason why critics feel Bosa is more likely to get a massive new deal moving forward.

The man tasked to facilitate that will be Brian Ayrault, the same man who helped Bosa's brother, Joey, land a five-year contract extension in 2020 with the Los Angeles Chargers.

"It's hard to imagine Ayrault agreeing to any deal that doesn't make Bosa the NFL's highest-paid non-quarterback with record-setting guarantees and a player-friendly structure," Joel Corry of CBS Sports suggested.

So far, the highest-paid non-quarterback is defensive tackle Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams. He earns $31.7 million annually.

Nick Bosa San Francisco 49ers
Nick Bosa is in the final year of his deal but is likely to be kept in San Franciso. Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images