Sandara Park
K-pop idol Sandara Park


  • Sandara Park recently visited the Philippines to film a new show
  • The South Korean singer brought her co-stars to her favorite Filipino restaurants
  • Dara rose to fame in the Philippines after she joined a local talent show

South Korean singer Sandara Park, now known as Dara, filmed a new show, visited her favorite Filipino food establishments, and consistently shared updates during her recent visit to the Philippines.

On June 5, the "Pambansang Krung-Krung" – Dara's popular nickname in the Philippines, which means "National Crazy Personality" – took to Twitter to share airport and plane selfies on her flight to the Philippines.

In a tweet, Dara shared her excitement for her visit to Clark, Philippines, as it was her first time exploring the destination.

"Are there many people in Clark? Actually, it's my first time going to Clark. Haha. I usually go straight to Subic. [I'm] excited to visit Clark!!!" she told her fans.

The former 2NE1 member consistently updated her fans on social media about her whereabouts and activities during her trip.

Proving that she is still a Filipino at heart, Dara visited two of her favorite Filipino food establishments, Jollibee and Gerry's Grill, and even introduced them to her other co-stars.

"Long time no see, my friend," she captioned her Instagram post over the weekend, adding in Korean, "Why do you think you gain [3 kilograms] when you enter the Philippines?! There is so much delicious food!"

Dara shared photos of her beside the Jollibee statue and a photo of the meals they ordered: the classic Spicy Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti combo, Big Burger Champ, Buko Pie, Jolly Hotdog and Burger Steak.

She also posed outside Gerry's Grill, a local restaurant popular for its Filipino favorites like sisig (a dish made from pork jowl and ears), crispy pata (crispy pork leg), adobo shreds and stuffed grilled squid.

Joross Gamboa, a Filipino actor and Dara's close friend, commented on her post and attested to how much the singer loved Jollibee's fried chicken and Gerry's Grill's sisig. He even tagged the two establishments, telling them that they won't regret it if they get Dara as their endorser.

The South Korean star also posted Monday photos of her sporting a black statement T-shirt with the text, "I don't need Google. My boyfriend knows everything," which had fans teasing her about a boyfriend reveal.

"So you have a boyfriend?" one fan asked, while another one commented, "Who's the boyfriend that knows everything like Google?"

"Dara [is] lowkey flexing her [boyfriend]," commented another fan.

"Is this a hint that you are in a relationship? Who is the boyfriend?" another curious fan asked.

The South Korean idol recently visited the Philippines to film SBS MediaNet's "Idol Truck Project," a show that focuses on supporting small- and medium-sized businesses.

Fans shared photos and videos of Dara filming in different locations in Clark, Pampanga.

Despite having been away from the Philippines for a long time after debuting in South Korea, Dara's popularity among Filipino fans remains strong.

"It's so surprising and flattering that even now, Pinoys still know me well. Thank you so much for your love & support~!!! I love you~!!! Forever~!!! PH," Dara captioned her Clark photo dump on Instagram.

Dara rose to fame in the Philippines when she joined the local talent show "Star Circle Quest" in 2004. After becoming a runner-up and overall fan favorite, she starred in movies, television shows and commercials.

Before moving back to South Korea, she also released a self-titled album, "Sandara," which included her novelty dance hit "In or Out." It is the only album by a South Korean artist to be certified platinum by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry.