J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter fiction series, launched Pottermore, the new Harry Potter website on Thursday, featuring two watchful owls and a “coming soon” tag.

According to Harry potter fan site Leaky Cauldron, the author sparked curiosity as she sent fans a series of clues to help them uncover the site that also features site’s name and her signature.

“Ten map coordinates were scattered across nine fan sites and one official Twitter account, revealing letters that spelled out P-O-T-T-E-R-M-O-R-E,” Leaky said.

Leaky claimed to have seen a preview of Pottermore and described the site as “breathtaking”.

The two owls adding to the “wizard” effect associated with Harry Potter series are the only clickable items on Pottermore that lead to a YouTube video showing a timer, counting down “until J.K. Rowling’s announcement” on June 23.

The YouTube page features more of them and the description reads: “The owls are gathering…Find out why soon,” creating more suspense about Pottermore website. What’s more mystical? Move your mouse cursor on each owl and they will stare at you!

What will be the announcement about? What will be the features of the website? Well, it’s yet to be disclosed, but speculations are high about the teaser website.

MuggleNet, another fan sites of Harry Potter, said, “We saw a preview of Pottermore recently and can tell you that it is fantastic. I'd say more but I had to make an unbreakable vow concerning its secrecy.”

Leaky further revealed that according to the trademark information of Pottermore, which was registered in 2009, the site is trademarked for, among other things, multiple-user networks, online boards, digital audio, printed books, toys, retail stores, and more.

Pottermore is J.K. Rowling’s latest project that is about everything that’s “Harry Potter”, except a new book, Rowling's agents Rebecca Salt told Sky News Online.

So hold your breath, wait till June 23 when the mystery unravels.