Flowers, Teddy Bear, Whitney Houston
Fans pay tribute to their idol Whitney Houston Reuters

Kevin Costner, who starred in The Bodyguard alongside Whitney Houston, will be speaking at the late singer/actress' funeral on Saturday.

The ceremony is rumored to be featuring performances by Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, too.

Although it was initially rumored that Bobby Brown would not be allowed to attend the funeral, CNN is reporting that Brown will be in attendance. Bobby Brown will perform with his group New Edition later that evening.

Brown took to the stage in an emotionally distraught state just hours after Whitney Houston had died. Brown was visibly upset and had difficulty finishing the song he was singing.

The funeral is taking place at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, the place where Whitney sang as a child. The funeral is an invitation-only event.

Metal barricades have been set up around the front of the building. An area has been set up for fas to leave ballons, candles, photographs and other vigils to the pop icon.