Anne Sinclair, Strauss-Kahn's third wife, stands strongly beside him as she finances his life with her massive family fortune.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief who was allegedly charged with sexual assault in New York City on May 14, is currently under constant surveillance in a lower Manhattan apartment.

He is out on a $6 million bail package with the condition of paying a $200,000-a-month security fee for round-the-clock guards and the installation of cameras and electronic monitoring equipment.

Known as the Great Seducer and the Hot Rabbit, Strauss-Kahn has lived an eventful life especially when it came to women. His three wives include Hélène Dumas, Brigitte Guillemette and Anne Sinclair. All four of his children are daughters.

When her husband was arrested, Anne Sinclair who was visiting friends in Paris jumped to his defense immediately. She flew to New York and arrived after Strauss-Kahn appeared in a Manhattan court to be detained in the prison. Sinclair said in a statement issued on May 15, I do not believe for a single second the accusations leveled against my husband.

When Sinclair saw Strauss-Kahn for the first time since his dramatic arrest, the couple exchanged rather calm and determined expressions. Sinclair's head was held high, and Strauss-Kahn, released on bail, blew his wife a kiss.

It was as if each was looking for the other's eyes. This tenderness in the courtroom marked me, said Jack Lang, who has known the couple for decades. He told the Associated Press, It is symbiosis, a couple that is completely inseparable. One cannot imagine one without the other. One cannot imagine what they are going through.

It's no surprise then, given her past reaction after Strauss-Kahn's affair with an IMF employee in 2008. Sinclair brushed off the incident as a one-night stand saying, we love each other like the very first day.

Anne Sinclair's Life

Born in New York in 1948 to Jewish parents who fled the Nazis, Sinclair was a French television and radio interviewer who hosted a popular political show for 13 years on the largest European private TV channel. Her prime-time Sunday show featured guests from President Bill Clinton to Madonna and every major French political leader.

The attractive 60-year-old French media celebrity has been married to Strauss-Kahn since 1991. It was her second time down the aisle and his third.

When Strauss-Kahn was elected Finance Minister in France in 1997, Sinclair chose to sacrifice her career in television to avoid potential conflict of interest with her husband.

In October 2008 she launched her blog Two or Three Things Seen From America, daily commenting on US and international political news. It has become one of the top twelve political French blogs.

Sinclair's Family Fortune Spent on Court Battle

Her maternal grandfather Paul Rosenberg is one of the most prominent art merchants of the 20th century, a legendary dealer who had represented Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Sinclair inherits a considerable fortune from Paul Rosenberg.

Sinclair is worth an estimated $1 billion, and her giant family fortune is now being spent on her husband's court battle and house arrest.

The $200,000 per month round-the-clock security mounts up to $2.4 million a year, quite a tough amount even for Strauss-Kahn who is estimated to be worth only $2 million on his own. His life is apparently financed by his wife, worth an estimated $1 billion.

Sinclair has stood strong in the face of her husband's continuous infidelity in the past.

Sinclair and Strauss-Kahn are seen as two fiercely intelligent minds with fierce ambitions of which the biggest was next year's presidency in France.

They share goals, loyalty to their children, and a symbiotic-like attraction.

She is truly in love with this man. He's the soul mate of her life, said Philippe Martinat, who followed the couple while researching the biography of Strauss-Kahn. Their bond was kept through their shared goals and loyalties to their children despite Strauss-Kahn's repeated infidelity. In reality she was a woman in love who suffered a lot from this situation, but she preferred to protect and maintain her family, he said.