Nostalgic gamers from the 90s are in for a treat with the revamped Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. No official date has been set for the game's release, but between this week's Game Developers Conference and recent interviews with the man himself, some details about the skateboarding sensation have been revealed.

1. Not all levels will be in the HD version. The remake will only feature the most popular levels from the first two games, according to GameRant. Hawk and Activision had the fans in mind when deciding with stages to include, selecting levels based on the most popular downloaded content. Eventually, the amount of downloads will decide if stages from the third and fourth editions make it into the game.

2. More lively mechanics. Robomodo, the studio that will be producing the game, reached out to original creators Neversoft to pinpoint the level geometry from some of the series' best locations. This means that the stages will copy all elements of the original, but in a more realistic and graphically defined way. It's the same gameplay, same control scheme, but it's the best of our first two games, Hawk said in an interview with USA Today. The hardware has come so far since our first two games that I don't think people realize how much better our game could be just with that aspect.

3. Easy, fun controls just like the original. Carrying on the style of every other game in the franchise, Tony Hawk in HD will also feature an automatically moving character. Players control the jumps, grabs and tricks to total points. Game reviewers for USA Today described the game saying it feels as fun to play as the original.

4. Tony Hawk in the social media era. The high-definition skate simulator will add another competitive aspect to the new game. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD will integrate the use of Facebook. Details haven't been confirmed, but a safe assumption may be that scores will be shared on the social networking site.

5. Multiplayer mode and release date. The game will include a multiplayer option, allowing up to four players to participate in different game modes including Horse. No official date is confirmed, but the Pro Skater remake will launch for the Xbox sometime this year.