Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera's son, Gabriel, is reportedly ashamed his father made a controversial statement about Trayvon Martin on Friday. Reuters

Geraldo Rivera has set off a firestorm of criticism after he blamed Trayvon Martin's hoodie for causing the Florida teen's fatal shooting by George Zimmerman.

I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was, Geraldo said Friday on Fox News. When you see a kid walking down the street, particularly a dark-skinned kid ... what's the instant identification? What's the instant association? It's those crime scene surveillance tapes. Every time you see someone sticking up a 7-Eleven, the kid's wearing a hoodie. Every time you see a mugging on a surveillance camera, or they get the old lady in the alcove, it's a kid wearing a hoodie.

You have to recognize that this whole stylizing yourself as a gangster, you're going to be a gangster wanna-be? Well, people are going to perceive you as a menace, the Fox commentator said.

Video of Rivera can be seen below.

The Trayvon Martin shooting tragedy unfolded when Martin, a 17-year-old black teen, was visiting his girlfriend in Sanford, Fla. and stopped to grab Skittles at a 7-Eleven.

Trayvon emerged from the store with his hoodie over his head when Zimmerman, a white and Latino community watchman, thought Trayvon was acting suspiciously.

Zimmerman called 911 and a dispatcher said the police would be on their way. The dispatcher advised Zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon, but he went after the teen anyway.

Zimmerman caught up with Trayvon and a struggle ensued, at which point Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon, who was unarmed.

Zimmerman has not been arrested in the incident, which has caused widespread outrage and controversy around the country over race and justice.

Geraldo Rivera was trending on Twitter due to his polarizing comments.

Geralda Rivera of Fox News has lost his mind, tweeted CNN commentator Roland Martin.

Actor Wil Wheaton chastised Rivera for partly blaming Trayvon for his death.

Dear Geraldo Rivera: I'll use small words so you can follow me, okay? Hoodies don't kill people. Paranoid racists with guns kill people, the actor tweeted.

Twitter user @JohniceMayne said Trayvon's hoodie was not responsible for his death.

Hoodies don't kill people, they keep them warm. Geraldo Rivera doesn't inform people, he keeps them ignorant, @JohniceMayne said.