Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual convention in Indianapolis


  • Trump claimed Biden is bringing the world closer to a nuclear war
  • Trump made similar claims during a campaign event in Iowa in March
  • He previously said he could immediately put an end to the Russia-Ukraine war in 24 hours if he wins in 2024

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday proclaimed he is the only presidential candidate in 2024 who can prevent World War III from happening.

In a post published on Truth Social, Trump also claimed that President Joe Biden is bringing the world closer to a "nuclear war" after allowing Ukrainian pilots to be trained using U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets. He added that only he had the ability to "bring peace" to the world amid the war in Ukraine.

"Biden continues to bring the world ever closer to nuclear war. I alone am the candidate who can prevent World War 3," Trump wrote. "I will end the killing and bloodshed and bring peace to Europe and the World!"

This is not the first time Trump has claimed that he could "prevent" World War III from happening. In March, Trump made a similar claim during a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa, adding that Biden is driving Russia into "the arms of China."

"Standing before you today, I am the only candidate who can make this promise: I will prevent World War III," he said, sparking applause from a crowd of supporters. "Because I really believe you're going to have World War III."

During the rally, Trump also claimed winning the presidency in 2024 would immediately put an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine. He added that he would only need 24 hours to end the conflict.

"Before I arrive at the Oval Office, shortly after I win the presidency, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled. It'll take 24 hours," he said.

His comments in the March rally were, however, in contrast to his remarks in a CNN town hall earlier this month when he refused to say if he wanted Ukraine to prevail in its war with Russia, which invaded the country in February of last year. In addition, he also refused to commit to sending aid to Ukraine should he win the presidency in 2024, arguing that the U.S. is "giving away so much equipment" to Kyiv.

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