A hot air balloon made an emergency landing in San Diego as it passed over a residential neighborhood, narrowly missing trees and homes.

The incident, which was caught on camera, ended in a safe landing in a nearby parking lot Monday evening. No injuries were reported.

There was no immediate report on the cause of the emergency and no police response.

“When a hot air balloon makes a perfect standup landing, it is not an emergency landing. Even when they drag a bit, it is not a problem either,” San Diego Police spokeswoman Jennifer Estlund told reporters. “I have been in the basket several times myself with multiple pilots who chose to make safe landings just like that. I am sure if you talked to the pilot, they would have stated it was a safe landing option.”

The hot air balloon managed to draw the attention of several residences below, including San Diego Councilman Mark Kersey. Kersey managed to snap several pictures and videos of the balloon before posting it on Twitter.

Kersey also mentioned this is the second balloon landing to take place in the area, the first occurring in April 2018 when a hot air balloon was forced to land in San Diego’s Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood.

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon, pictured March 19, 2016 in Mexico, a hot hair balloon made an emergency crash landing in Orlando, Florida near Disney World in an alligator-infested pond. Getty Images