Convenience store
A video showing a woman stealing a bag of chips from a convenience store has gone viral after it was posted Thursday. In this photo: A pedestrian passes a convenience store in Buffalo, New York, Nov. 19, 2009. Reuters/Brian Snyder

A video showing a woman shoplifting a bag of chips from a convenience store, and being charged for it by the cashier later, has gone viral after it was posted Thursday on Reddit and YouTube.

The over one-and-half minute video starts with the woman entering the store, the location of which remains unknown, with her handbag and walking through the aisles. While roaming through the store, she twice checks whether the cashier is keeping an eye on her.

The woman then stands in an aisle where snacks were kept, and puts a bag of chips in her handbag. She then heads to a soda fountain machine and helps herself to a glass of soda and goes to the cash counter to pay for the drink. When the cashier tells her the total bill was “$2.75,” the woman replies: “I thought it [the soda] said 99 cents.”

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The cashier says: “Oh you are charged for the food you stole. Open your bag.” The woman complies and the cashier takes out the stolen bag of chips. She leaves the store without buying either of the items and heads to a silver Nissan Murano.

The video, dated June 26, quickly garnered netizens’ attention soon after it was posted. On YouTube, the clip received over 11,000 views within hours of being posted, and garnered more than 120 comments on Reddit, where users criticized the shoplifter.

“I just don’t [sic] understand how someone can be driving a car like that and still feel like she has to steal a tiny bag of chips.........unless the car it cant [sic] be,” one user commented.

“Shoplifting can be an addiction. Just like cigarettes or alcohol or other drugs. Not only poor people steal,” another user wrote.

“I remember growing up the rich kids would shoplift candy because they thought it was bad a--. Then they grew up and now they only do it when they're drunk because it's ‘funny,’” commented another.

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Earlier this month, a bank executive, Jordan Lupu, was accused of shoplifting $210 worth of goods from the Tribeca Whole Foods in his children’s stroller, court documents revealed. The incident happened Feb. 5 when as he was leaving the upscale supermarket on Greenwich Street in New York City borough of Manhattan. The store is located a few blocks from Lupu’s $3 million home, according to the New York Post.

Lupu tried to “remove three Whole Body products and 28 grocery items from displays and conceal the items underneath [his] baby stroller,” a criminal complaint reportedly stated. “[Security] then stopped the defendant and recovered the items, property which belonged to the store and for which the defendant had no receipt, from underneath [his] baby stroller.”