Wildfires continue to tax firefighters in the western part of the nation as 10 new large wildfires were reported Sunday, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Two of those wildfires were reported in Nevada. Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming each reported a single fire each.

Seven states are currently reporting large fires. They are: Alaska (2), Arizona (3), Colorado (2)
Idaho (1), Missouri (1), New Mexico (2) and Washington (1). More than 425,000 acres have been swallowed up from active fires, according the fire center.

Below is an update of the current wildfires as provided by the fire center:


The three fires in Arizona has burned 6,410 acres.

-- The 257 Fire (Tonto National Forest) is four miles south of Superior and threatens structures and power lines. It was reported June 10 and has burned 2,860 acres. It is 85 percent contained.

-- Poco Fire (Tonto National Forest) has blackened 3,200 acres and is 15 percent contained. This fire is one mile northeast of Young and threatens major power transmission lines.

-- Fox Fire (Coronado National Forest) is 350 acres and is at zero percent containment. This fire is four miles west of Cascabel.


About 2,500 acres have been charred by the fires burning in California.

-- Highland (Riverside Unit, Cal Fire) burned 2,200 acres and is 60 percent contained. This fire is five miles south of Beaumont.

-- Old 2 (Monte Vista Unit, Cal Fire), which is 13 miles northeast of Camp, burned 300 acres and is 5 percent contained. It threatens numerous structures.

-- Ozena (Los Padres National Forest) fire was contained at 352 acres.


Some 68,000 acres have been burned by three fires in Colorado.

-- High Park Fire (Larimer County) burned 56,480 acres and is at 45 percent containmenty. This fire is 15 miles west of Fort Collins and threatens sub-divisions and recreation sites. Evacuations and road closures are still in effect.

-- Springer Fire (Pike and San Isabel National Forest is four miles southwest of Lake George, It also threatens numerous structures and there are evacuations are in effect. ): Some 300 acres have burned so far and this fire is at zero percent containment.

- Little Sand Fire (San Juan National Forest) has blackened 11,988 acres. It is located 13 miles northwest of Pagosa Springs. Structures are threatened and evacuations are in effect.


-- Cole Fire (Boise District, Bureau of Land Management) was contained at 301 acres.


-- 829 Fire (Mark Twain National Forest) was contained at 228 acres.


-- Cottonwood Fire (Nebraska Department of Forestry) destroyed 600 acres and is at zero percent containment. This fire is 17 miles west of Crawford.


-- 3,000 acres were destroyed by the North Schell Fire (Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest), which is zero percent contained. This fire is 20 miles northeast of McGill and threatens structures.

-- Mine Fire (Winnemucca District, Bureau of Land Management) swallowed up 1,010 acres. Located 15 miles northeast of Lovelock, this fire is 50 percent contained.

-- Kitteridge fire (Northern Region, Nevada Department of Forestry) was contained at 499 acres.

New Mexico

-- Little Bear Fire (Lincoln National Forest) burned 38,116 acres. It is 60 percent contained and is located five miles northwest of Ruidoso. This fire threatens communities and a communication site and so evacuations are in effect.

-- Whitewater-Baldy Fire (Gila National Forest) destroyed 296,562 acres and is 80 percent contained. This fire is 15 miles east of Glenwood.

North Carolina

-- Dad Fire (National Forests in North Carolina) charred some 8,000 acres and is at 25 percent containment. This fire is located 10 miles south of New Bern.

South Dakota

-- Chases Women Fire (Rosebud Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs) is 80 percent contained and has burned 305 acres. It is seven miles northeast of Spring Creek.


-- Wiley Fire (Salt Lake District, Bureau of Land Management) destroyed 208 acres. It is 90 percent contained and is 15 miles west of Orem.


-- Milepost 31 Fire (Washington Department of Natural Resources) was contained at 1,141 acres.


-- Russels Camp Fire (Converse County) destroyed 400 acres and is at zero percent containment. This fire is 30 miles south of Glenrock.