Fuller House
The Tanners will be back on Netflix in time for Christmas! “Fuller House” Season 2 premieres Dec. 9. Netflix

December is almost here, and that means a whole new batch of movies and TV shows will be available on Netflix. It looks like the streaming service will have plenty to keep you occupied between holiday parties. These are the titles you’ll definitely want to add to your queue right away:

“White Girl” — Dec. 1

Leah (Morgan Saylor) stars as a college student who falls for a bad boy, Blue (Brian Marc). However, he is in serious trouble. They start selling drugs together, but he gets arrested. Leah is willing to do anything to help him, and she suddenly finds herself saddled with skyrocketing amounts of debt and a massive bag of cocaine. “Hamilton” actor Anthony Ramos also stars.

“National Lampoon’s Animal House” — Dec. 1

The classic comedy is coming to Netflix. The 1978 film follows freshmen Larry (Thomas Hulce) and Kent (Stephen Furst) as they try to pledge an elite fraternity. When that doesn’t work out, they lower their standards and go to Delta Tau Chi. Too bad the college dean is desperate to get rid of the Deltas.

“Fuller House” Season 2 — Dec. 9

If you’re looking for something family friendly, try the second season of Netflix’s retro revival. The comedy will cover three different holidays — Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve — and even more family will be introduced. Kimmy’s (Andrea Barber) brother Jimmy (Adam Hagenbuch) will make his presence known when he kisses Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin).

“Captive” — Dec. 9

When someone is kidnapped, captors are often willing to negotiate. This documentary looks at the intense world of hostage negotiations.

“Colony” Season 1 — Dec. 13

Catch up on USA’s “Colony” before it returns in 2017! The series follows Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) in a dystopian future where Los Angeles is ruled by the Colony Transitional Authority, a group of aliens. Will and Katie were separated from their son when the aliens invaded, and now they’re ready to do anything to get him back. However, those who fight the Colony Transitional Authority must suffer the consequences.

“Barry” — Dec. 16

In this biopic, Barack Obama (Devon Terrell) is just starting his time at Columbia University in 1981. His experiences that year shape his views on race, government and America — views that will become incredibly important in how he handles his job as President.

“Captain America: Civil War”—Dec. 25

Netflix’s Christmas gift to subscribers is this superhero team up movie. After legislation trying to control superheroes is introduced, the Avengers are divided. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) leads the side that believes the government should be in control. Captain America (Chris Evans) leads the rebellious side. One comes out a winner, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe team will never be the same again.