Whitney Houston fan Anne Lomax, 53, accidentally started a house fire while having a candle-lit vigil for the dead singer. The house fire destroyed the living room of Lomax's Greater Manchester home, according to reports.

The Telegraph reported that Lomax was playing Houston's records and saying prayers before lighting a candle in honor of the singer's memory. She them went to bed and flames from the candle lit the curtains, sparking a blaze that spread to the TV and other electronics, according to the Telegraph.

Lomax was woken by the sound of the fire alarm in time for her to escape with her son and three dogs, the BBC reported. Fire crew were called in.

I had been sitting at the computer playing some music and saying a prayer for Whitney Houston. I was a big fan and I was just devastated when she died so I thought I'd light a candle, Lomax told the Telegraph. I was listening to her music and my thoughts were with Whitney. I had a little tealight on the window sill. I thought I had blown it out when I went up to bed but the next thing I knew the smoke alarms were going off. I dread to think what would have happened if I didn't have smoke alarms. I could have died.

Lomax said that everyone has candles these days but don't realize how dangerous they are.

People should be careful with candles, she said. I really thought I'd blown it out, I can't believe the damage it has caused. It's devastating.

Houston, 48, died on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California. An official cause of death has not been released at this time. The I Will Always Love You singer will be buried this week in her home state of New Jersey.