Whitney Houston
Brown's sister, Leolah, believes that Whitney Houston didn't die accidentally and has asked police to conduct a thorough investigation. Reuters

Whitney Houston made three visits to the doctor in the week before her death because she had a sore throat and also got her teeth whitened, TMZ reported. A funeral service for Houston will be held on tomorrow in New Jersey, her home state, and will be streamed live on the Internet by the Associated Press.

The TMZ report cited family and law enforcement sources as saying that Houston was recording the title song to Sparkle and got a sore throat. She then went to a doctor to have it checked. The doctor reportedly gave her a prescription for the antibiotic amoxicillin, according to TMZ, which also noted that Houston was to film a commercial for her sister-in-law's candle line and so made two trips to the dentist for cleaning and whitening.

And law enforcement sources have reiterated to TMZ ... Whitney was NOT doctor shopping for prescriptions and they believe none of the doctors crossed the line in their treatment of her, TMZ article read.

Beverly Hills police had found several medication bottles in Houston's suite at the Beverly Hilton hotel where she died last Saturday at age 48. Among the bottles were Xanax and amoxicillin and other medications such as Midol and ibuprofen.

Houston was found in a bathtub in her suite, but a coroner has reportedly said there wasn't enough water in her lungs to cite drowning as the cause of death. No official report of a cause of death has been released. How Houston died will likely be determined based on a toxicology test, the results of which won't be available for weeks.