Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford spilled her tea on Donald Trump. After a fellow Miss Teen USA pageant contestant told BuzzFeed News Wednesday night that Trump would walk into the girls’ dressing room while they were changing, TV personality Kamie Crawford decided it was time to share her personal experience with Trump, then owner of the Miss Teen and Miss Universe pageants.

Late Wednesday night, Crawford published a series of tweets calling out Trump’s racist behavior. She says she was forewarned by the pageant that he “doesn’t like black people.” Crawford, who won Miss Teen USA in 2010 at the age of 18, was the first black woman to win the title in over a decade. 

GettyImages-542252668 TV personality Kamie Crawford attends Debra Lee's PRE kicking off the 2016 BET Awards on June 22, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Getty

Crawford was told Trump, the GOP nominee, only liked a “certain type of black.” Crawford went on to say that Trump ignored a fellow black contestant and made a vomit face behind her back while she was on stage. Crawford said Trump was not inappropriate with her, but she witnessed his “predatory” behavior with other contestants.

“I don't have any personal experiences with him being predatory in the traditional sense - but he definitely used his power to lure girls in,” she tweeted. 

Trump has had a long alleged history with racism towards African Americans. In 1973, the Justice Department sued his family’s real estate company for alleged racial discrimination against black people looking to rent apartments in New York City while he was head of the company.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump has struggled to win the African American vote.  In recent debates he has insinuated that all blacks live in inner cities, and has referred to them in his speech as “the blacks.”

Democrat Hillary Clinton has repeatedly called out Trump’s racism in her campaign, saying his birther claim that President Barack Obama was born outside of the U.S. is a “racist lie.