Who Is Tulisa Contostavlos? 5 Things To Know About FHM’s 2012 Sexiest Woman [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

Tulisa Contostavlos is a bit like the Kim Kardashian of the United Kingdom. She made headlines when an alleged sex tape surfaced and now she's famous. That's pretty much where the comparison's end. Unlike the talentless reality star Kim Kardashian, Tulisa (she goes by her first name) has made a bit of an effort, performing with British Hip-hop group N-Dubz, and launching her own acting career and solo singing career.

On May 2, FHM Magazine's UK edition named Tulisa the sexiest woman in the world, surpassing even Mila Kunis (number 9), Megan Fox (number 7) and Rihanna (number 3). Unlike these lovely ladies, Tulisa hasn't done very much besides look good to win FHM's praise, as FOX News put it in a headline, 'X-Factor Judge Named FHM's Sexiest Woman Weeks After Sex Tape Leaks. So here are five things you should know to bring you up to speed on Tulisa Contostavlos. (For more pictures of Tulisa try here).

She was shocked when she found out FHM named her sexiest woman:

After winning the award she told a TV interviewer that she was feeling quiet strange (clip).

Later she elaborated in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Thank you so much for voting for me. It's a true honour and definitely a lovely confidence boost. I'm proud of me and I am who I am. I know that I'm Marmite and I wouldn't want to be anything less or anything more, I'm just myself. The FHM shoot is without a doubt the sexiest thing I've ever done. I believe in embracing being sexy but I'm not one to agree with stripping off for the cameras, I like to be more subtle than that as these shots show. This is an award that will stay on the mantelpiece probably for the rest of my life, Contostavlos said.

She refuses to pose nude:

The British-born glamour girl turned down a $250,000 offer to pose nude for playboy, and has never posed nude for video or photo-shoot in her life, except for a leaked sex tape which allegedly features her. Not surprisingly, ever since the tape leaked Tulisa has managed to stay in the headlines, while also winning a court case to make distributing or posting the sex tape online illegal. She was even caught carrying an adult toy in her bag at the airport, to the excitement of the British tabloids.

She got her start singing with London-based group N-Dubz:

Tulisa's cousin Dappy and childhood friend Fazer were already performing as Camden-based rap duo, the Lickle Rinse Crew, when they decided they needed a to add a female voice to their sound. After bringing Tulisa onboard the North-London group trio named themselves N-Dubz and began to gain some publicity not through any big record label but by having their songs played on English pirate radio stations. Tulisa also briefly dated fellow band member Fazer.

In 2011 N-Dubz broke up, claiming they were simply going on hiatus. The truth later came out in a bitter and public Twitter argument between Tulisa and Dappy. Tulisa took the role of judge for the eight season of the The X Factor (UK edition) alongside Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow. Tulisa was chosen to mentor the Groups category, and worked with 2 Shoes, Nu Vibe, The Risk and Little Mix.

She confirmed solo album in 2011 to be released Sept. 17, 2012. She has also confirmed on Twitter that the first single will be called Young.

She had a troubled childhood:

Tulisa Contostavlos was born on July 13 1988 in London. Her mother, Anne Byrne, was an Irish musician, and her father, Mungo Jerry, was a Greek Cypriot. At five years old her mother was committed to a mental institution under the Mental Health Act for her bipolar and schizoaffective disorders. As a teenager Tulisa experienced violence, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, anorexia nervosa, mental health issues, financial difficulties and bullying. At 13 she was very depressed and later admitted to attempting suicide twice.

She's launching a movie career:

Tulisa played the role of Laurissa, an R&B singer and cocaine addict, in the British TV show, Dubplate Drama. She has to set upcoming roles in the near future. She will play herself in the film, Bulla, and is set to make her big screen debut in upcoming horror film Demon's Never Die.