A Phoenix woman was arrested Wednesday on accounts of fraud and theft after authorities alleged that she faked cancer to raise charitable funds because she wanted breast implants for herself.

Jami Lynn Toler of Phoenix, Arizona, bluffed to her former boss by saying that she was in immediate need of a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Associated Press reported.

According to the police report filed in Maricopa Country Court, the 27-year-old told her boss that she needed money to undergo medical procedure as she was uninsured.

The report said that Toler, with the help of her boss and colleagues, managed to raise more than $8,000 by sympathetic donors last September and got breast implants instead of cancer treatment.

“They were just well-intentioned people standing by in support of an individual who needed it,” Carmen Klemis, Toler’s boss, told KTVK-TV.

However, the medical reports obtained by the police stated that she didn’t have cancer. Mesa police said that her cancer story was a hoax to collect money for silicon breast enhancements.

Toler’s cancer hoax was busted when a local doctor offered to treat her breast cancer for free and she turned the offer down citing feeble reasons. And that’s when her boss Klemis got a hint of the sham, Mesa police Sgt. Anthony Landato said.

Toler was released on electronic monitoring Thursday after a brief initial court appearance, the report said.