It appears as if the the woolly mammoth, thought to be extinct for millennia, is actually alive and well. A video surfaced on the Internet showing a large animal with reddish hair, a trunk and tusks crossing a river in Siberia.

A Russian government engineer reportedly filmed the animal last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region, according to The Sun. The engineer reportedly filmed this creature as it waded through the racing water of a Siberian river.

Rumors of a handful of mammoths still kicking around in the vast wilderness of Siberia have been circulating for decades, and occasionally sightings by locals have occurred, said paranormal writer Michael Cohen, according The Sun. Cohen allegedly got hold of the video and posted it online. Siberia is an enormous territory and much of it remains completely unexplored and untouched by humans.

Woolly mammoths roamed the Earth over 10,000 years ago and were thought to have become extinct approximately 3,500 years ago. However, the video certainly has its skeptics.

Many viewers believe the video is a hoax. In fact, Cohen has been connected to several other videos in which he supposedly reveals other paranormal phenomena, including so-called proof of UFOs.

The video is also only 10 seconds long. It ends before the animal can make to the end of the river. Many commenters find it suspicious that the cameraman would only film the supposedly extinct creature for 10 seconds. Some claim that the animal's image was superimposed into the video.

Even low-resolution cameras can focus fairly well on something. But there's really nothing in this video in focus, said Derek Serra, a Hollywood video-effects artist, according to the Inquisitr. The rocks in the foreground have a blur to them that doesn't seem natural.

Other theories say that the creature is a bear with a fish in its mouth. Or that it was possibly an escaped elephant from the circus.

its a damn bear with a large fish in its mouth and why is the camera so blurry lol dumb a-- people!!? Also the speed is slowed down nice try !!, said one Youtube commenter.

And of course all these videos about mythical creatures are blurry, and this is obviously a? bear with its meal... said another commenter.

Check out the video below. What do you think?