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Here are top Thanksgiving decorations for this year. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

While 2020 has been a downer in many respects, there's still plenty to be thankful for. Being able to put together a Thanksgiving meal, getting to sit around a table—don't forget social distancing—and connecting with loved ones is a privilege to be grateful for given the troubles the world is going through.

But we get it. It's hard to get in the mood. Perhaps a little design magic and a shiny bauble or two can help? Research shows that holiday decor can help boost your spirit. We imagine this year, a lot of families are choosing to dine at their backyard where the air wouldn't be recycled. So to get you and your family into a better frame of mind, here are 12 outdoor Thanksgiving decorations you can buy today.

1. Lighted Fall Garland
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Being surrounded by leaves in different orange hues is a Thanksgiving staple. Why not get ones that won't wilt? Not only does this Lighted Fall Garland have that beautiful fall shade, it lights up too!

2. Whaline Happy Fall Banner
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The simple message of this Whaline Happy Fall Banner can add warmth to your Thanksgiving dinner. The big bold letterings in burlap adds a nice touch to a loaded outdoor Thanksgiving tablescape.

3. Winemana Thanksgiving Artificial Pumpkins Home Decoration Set
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Featuring a mixture of traditional fall produce, this Winemana Thanksgiving Artificial Pumpkins Home Decoration Set can add a rustic feel to any holiday tablescape. It reminds everyone that despite the cooler climes, there are luscious fruits still in season.

4. Thanksgiving Fall Festival Games
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One way for you and your loved ones to get in the mood are through these Thanksgiving Fall Festival Games. Break the ice from themed fun such as Turkey Trivia or Make-A-Wishbone.

5. Lvydec 2 Pack Fall Maple Garland -
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With leaves in various autumn colors, the Lvydec 2 Pack Fall Maple Garland can be casually strewn anywhere to add to the holiday vibe: over your porch, by a fence or even over your shoulders.

6. Beeager Fall Pillow Covers 4 Packs
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Get your outdoor sofas in on the holiday cheer with the Beeager Fall Pillow Covers 4 Pack. That way, your pillows will give you and your loved ones warm feelings in more ways than one.

7. Joiedomi Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey Decoration
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Poke some fun on Turkey Day with the Joiedomi Thanksgiving Inflatable Turkey Decoration. In all its 6 ft. glory, this infatable turkey is sure to gobble up any bad mood during dinner.

8. SAND MINE Vintage Metal Standing Turkey Decoration
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If you want a more understated take on Turkey Day than an inflatable, this SAND MINE Vintage Metal Standing Turkey Decoration might be better for you. Place it beside your door so it can greet guests as they come in.

9. Battery Operated Timer Candles (12 pack)
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Coming in a pack of 12, these Battery Operated Timer Candles lights up your dinner table perfectly as you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner. No need to worry about cleaning up wax after; simply turn them off and put away.

10. Maison d' Hermine Kelim 100% Cotton Tablecloth for Kitchen Dining
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This Maison d' Hermine Kelim 100% Cotton Tablecloth is soft and beautifully-woven, and is an elegant base for your colorful dishes. And, while Autumn-themed, it can go well with any occassion year-round.

11. Homvare Wicker Cornucopia (2 Pack)
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The horn of plenty is another Thanksgiving decor staple that shouldn't go missing. We suggest stuffing these Homvare Wicker Cornucopias with real fruits and pastries to give an even more inviting air to your home.

12. June Fox Dried Wheat Stalks
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These June Fox Dried Wheat Stalks can be placed around your home as a symbol of a good harvest. It's a great reminder that, despite our worries, the harvest is there and it is still bountiful.