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Here are hidden gems for your Switch.

Home to many popular franchises and well-loved video game characters, the Nintendo Switch has easily become the ultimate stay-at-home console for many, especially during this year. In fact, while its bigger console brothers the Xbox One and PS4 are locked in a war of their own, the little console-that-can steadily gained its own set of loyal fans, which resulted in 6.86 million sales last quarter, bringing its lifetime sales to 68.3 million, merely three years after its release.

Of course, this is all owed not only to its innovative idea of switching between home console and handheld mode, but because of its rich library filled with bestsellers like "Animal Crossing" and "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," among others.

However, while many of those hits are amazing games in their own right, the truth is that the Switch is also home to countless underrated gems that are made by either indie developers or actual game studios, and all of which deserve your attention as well.

So with that, it’s time to set aside the famous red plumber (he has a 35- year anniversary thing anyway) and look at some fantastic games you’ve probably never heard of or played yet, along with where to get them:

1. "ARMS"

Throw one punch after another in this intuitive fighting title.

Sure, it got a bit of the limelight when it was included as a DLC fighter in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." In fact, it was even part of a bundle when the Switch was first released. But when it comes to actual fame? Well, let’s just say that you’re not the only one that quickly forgot about it.

Which is a damn shame because while the game itself doesn’t have the razzle and dazzle of bigger hits like "Breath of the Wild," it’s still a highly intuitive and challenging fighting game. Often touted as another B-grade button masher, the game actually just delivers tons of pure fun, making use of the joy-cons as your boxing gloves as you throw one punch after the other in this title. If it sounds wacky, it’s because it is, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad.

So how about just giving it a go? If you don’t have it lying around yet, grab yourself a copy from BestBuy here.

2. "Astral Chain"

Made by the same people behind Nier: Automata and Bayonetta, Astral Chain is a premium title that went overlooked.

While it did get moderate attention, this is another case of a Nintendo exclusive that deserves all of the spotlight that it wasn’t able to get. Made by the same studio that made the successful "Nier: Automata," "Astra Chain" was actually pushed to the side by Bayonetta, another titan made by the same studio.

But it’s time we look at this underrated masterpiece. Including an immersive storyline, impressive voice-acting, and characters made by veteran manga artist Masakazu Katsura, this hack-and-slash title puts you in control of one character alongside either a ghost summon or cyberpunk robot in gameplay that makes full use of both joy-cons. Exciting, fast-paced, and action-packed, it’s time this title get the recognition it deserves.

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3. "Dungeon of the Endless"

One of this game's best parts is that it lets you play with buddies as you navigate dungeon after dungeon.

Although this game is technically a port of a six-year-old rogue-like, there’s still a lot to love in this title, especially its multiplayer aspect. Set in the same universe as the PC strategy game "Endless Space," this 2D dungeon crawler surprisingly offers tons of content, whether in replayability or just pure action-packed fun as you fend off wave after wave of enemies.

Best enjoyed with snacks and drinks on the side, simply call your buddies, pick a character with its own specialty, and descend deeper into the dungeon as you discover more and more of its secrets.

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4. "Dark Souls: Remastered"

Pioneering the "souls-like" genre, Dark Souls is easily a modern classic masterpiece.

Okay, this technically isn’t a hidden gem, as the Dark Souls franchise is one of the biggest this console generation has had, even spanning a new game genre called “Souls-like” that resulted in many copycats.

However, given that this is a genre that is a bit uncommon in the Switch crowd, then it’s safe to say that this was mostly overlooked for the most part, so why not give it a try now? Make no mistake, the game is really tough (and even highly frustrating), but it’s also fair, rewarding players who persevere and learn from their past mistakes.

Remastered for newer consoles, "Dark Souls" for the Switch features smoother gameplay and crisper graphics that will leave you in awe as you explore every cavern and building in search of the next bonfire, fighting hordes of unexplainable enemies along the way.

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5. "Ape Out"

Drown yourself in percussive jazz as you kill one human after another in this wacky title.

Are you one to enjoy rhythm-based violence, bright colors, frenetic jazz and over-the-top visuals? If so, then boy oh boy, do we have the game for you.

Pretty much unlike anything we’ve ever gotten our hands on, "Ape Out" is a top-down, single-player beat-em-up that sees you take on a role of an actual, well… gorilla that’s trying to escape from gun-wielding humans through a series of mazes, hence the title.

The goal is to reach the end of reach labyrinth, killing humans in over-the-top ways or using them as shields along the way. Oh, and did we mention the whole thing is scored by an all-percussion jazz ensemble that gets more chaotic as the gameplay increases in intensity?

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6. "Rune Factory 4"

Besides farming, Rune Factory also lets you explore caves and fight enemies.

Sandwiched between the fame of hits like "Stardew Valley" and the best-selling "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," it’s easy to see why this game has been so overlooked.

Despite that, there’s still a lot to love here. Containing a new difficulty and game mode, this game presents the similar progression in "Stardew Valley," although it has more than just pixel art. If you want a different farming simulation experience, this one is an easy pick, and promises a lot of content to explore if you take the time to get to know it.

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