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Christmas gifts.

While 2020 has been atypical in so many ways, what won't change is our desire to send a thoughtful gift to those we love. But doing so shouldn't be a cause of stress and worry. This year has been hard enough, so it's best to go with options that would take care of your christmas shopping without having to spend a lot of time and resources.

Holiday gift baskets are one such option. Also called Christmas hampers, these baskets are filled with some of the recipient's favorite goodies, including sweet treats and fun snacks. While these are sold at many supermarkets and specialty stores, we suggest that you go with gift basket services to give your present a unique twist.

Like any good gift, what makes a Christmas hamper special is with how much it is customized to the recipient. This simply means that you have to know the kind of treats that will delight the one you're giving them to. Would he love a good bottle of wine paired with savory meats and creamy cheeses? Would she be thrilled to get a basket filled with seven kinds of chocolate snacks? Would they love fruitcake and danish cookies? The possibilities are endless, but let us throw out suggestions from our friends from Canterberry Gifts, who definitely know how to put together a mean Christmas hamper.

1. The Holiday Butler Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Holiday Christmas Basket.

The luxurious holiday gift basket is filled with a carefully chosen premium selection of gourmet savories and sweets all packed in a beautiful, festive and unique bamboo basket. Some of the unique gourmet items include a pack of Columbian coffee, honey mustard sourdough pretzels and California smoked almonds.

2. Holiday Traditions Gift Basket

Traditional Christmas gift basket.

The Holiday Traditions gift basket is filled with family favorites. Imagine waking up to the smell of caramel corn, butter toffee pretzels and good old fashioned chocolate fudge. If none of these treats send you back in time then we don't know what will.

3. A Gift of Chocolate Gift Basket

A Gift of Chocolate gift basket.

If you have friends or a family member who just can't live without a chocolatey treat, then you should check out the Gift of Chocolate gift basket. It's filled with all sorts of chocolate treats like salted caramel chocolate cookies, a raspberry chocolate fudge cake, hot fudge chocolate brownies, vanilla cream chocolate wafer roll cookies and chocolate covered graham squares among many other goodies.

4. Hollywood Movie Gift Basket

Hollywood gift basket.

With this Hollywood-inspired gift basket, you can have a little taste and be reminded of those joyful memories in the cinema. This basket highlights the legendary Hollywood sign overlooking the L.A. skyline at night and includes a variety of delicious movie-sized candy with two bags of popcorn and a butter-flavored box of pretzels.

5. Favorite Snacks Gift Basket

Favorite snacks gift basket.

Got a snack head in your life? Send them this gift basket , which is filled with the classics such as Chex Mix trail mix, peanut M & M's, plain M and M's, Reese's peanut butter cups, Oreo cookies, movie butter microwave popcorn, Cheeze-Its, Planters peanuts and Skittles originals. You can't really go wrong with these snacks.

6. Coffee Time Gift Basket

Coffee Lover's gift basket.

It seems like everyone has that one person they know that just can't start the day without a good cup of Joe in the morning. This gift basket is perfect for them. It's packed with four Coffee Masters flavors and an assortment of snacks that pair perfectly with these coffee blends.

7. Grand Gatherings Holiday Gourmet Gift Basket

Grand gatherings holiday gourmet gift basket.

Make a statement this season even if you can't be there to do it in person with the Grand Gatherings Holiday Gourmet gift basket. It is filled with irresistible treats like kettle fresh fudge, old fashioned cream puff cookies, buttery shortbread cookies, Alaskan smoked salmon, a sweet & salty snack mix and some absolutely decadent snacks like a creamy Zinfandel Havarti Cheese Spread, a 5 oz. jar of Pimento stuffed olives and Pirrouline chocolate cream filled pastry cookies.