Police in California are searching for two suspects after they exchanged gunfire at a 7-Eleven in Montebello.

On Thursday, the Montebello Police Department released surveillance video of the incident and asked for the public’s assistance in identifying the two individuals who were involved in the shooting.

The exchange of gunfire took place on Saturday, April 30, before 10 p.m. at a 7-Eleven located on 800 S. Greenwood Avenue.

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In the video, one of the suspects, who was dressed in a light-colored long-sleeved shirt and what appeared to be a white baseball cap, was seen walking away from a line of customers toward the exit.

The individual then crossed paths with the second suspect, who was dressed in a dark shirt and what appeared to be a black baseball cap with a light-colored logo.

The two appeared to exchange words and began shooting at one another seconds later. The gunfire sent customers ducking and running into the aisles of the convenience store as the cashier ducked behind the register.

The suspects exchange multiple shots until the first suspect exited the store.

Police are unsure what caused the two to shoot at one another. “It’s unclear what actually triggered the shooting,” Michael Chee, the Montebello public information officer, said in a statement.

“It seemed to have been a likely robbery attempt after detectives interviewed some of the participants.”

Chee also revealed no one was harmed following the incident. “We are happy to report that no one was hurt or injured,” Chee said.

“Miraculously no one was injured by the bullets or the gunfire. But the suspects do remain at large.”

Javier Romero, one of the clerks employed at 7-Eleven, revealed the store was riddled with bullets following the shooting.

“One police officer came in and said it was 15 shots,” said Romero. “Fifteen shots and no one got hit? It’s crazy.”

The investigation remains ongoing. Law enforcement officials are asking anyone with information regarding the incident to contact detectives or share an anonymous tip through Crime Stoppers.

A 7-Eleven storefront in Toronto, Ontario, Canada December 13, 2021.
A 7-Eleven storefront in Toronto, Ontario, Canada December 13, 2021. Reuters / CARLOS OSORIO