It all started when the video of a 14-year-old girl, Amber Cole, went viral on the Internet.

The video showed the teenager performing oral sex on her boyfriend (who is, it is believed, the same age), inside their school premises. It received worldwide attention, in next to no time.

The ages of the girl and the boy in the video, undoubtedly, categorizes the video as child pornography. However, if the statistics are to be believed, then it seems like most people aren't really bothered about that. They're just interested in getting their hands on the video. YouTube removed the video from their Web site within a couple of hours, since its content was obviously inappropriate. However, by that time Amber Cole had become a hot topic of discussion and debate across news rooms and public forums.

A number of concerned citizens and groups are now suggesting that in matters like this, social networking Web sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube only serve as bullying platforms and usually make things worse. There is, in fact, a Facebook page offering what is believed to be the original video for a Like. While obviously a scam, unfortunately, over 20,000 people have already clicked the Like button, Gather News reports.

What followed next were rumors of Amber Cole committing suicide and what looked like a national online movement against teen bullying.

The teenager, who at this moment is probably one of the most searched for people online, dismissed rumors of her death with the following tweet: I am not f**king dead please stop spreading rumors I wouldn't kill myself and make my family go through that.

The outpouring of videos meant to support Cole culminated in one called Leave Amber Cole Alone, also made by a teenager. The second video went viral on Wednesday and appears to show concern for Cole, calling on people to leave her alone and not bully her.

Many people on Twitter and Facebook have exploded with disgusting comments about the video and Cole. There are, however, other people who are speaking out in support of the young girl, fearing that such cyber-bullying could lead to increased suicide attempts.

In later developments, reports suggest that Cole has told her followers on Twitter that the two teens allegedly involved with the video have now been arrested.

Can't wait to press charges on the three boys tomorrow who were involved in the video, Cole tweeted on Tuesday. The local law enforcement officials had not verified the arrests as of Thursday morning.

Cole changed her school after the incident and told her fans that she went to the new school this morning. However, in yet another twist to the saga, expert opinion suggests that Cole might only be desperate for attention; a conclusion that people have come to after studying her tweets.

In yet more rumors, reports suggested that Cole agreed to the sexual favor as means of winning back her ex-boyfriend. However, filming and uploading the video on the Internet, reportedly, was not something Cole was aware of. What happened next was equally bizarre. Cole, on Friday, reportedly apologized to the boys who were allegedly involved in the video.

She tweeted, on Oct. 21: So what if [first boy] exposed me. It doesn't change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him. I miss him, she continued, I love you both ... you both will forever be in my heart. I just want these 2 boys in my life and I'm good.

Celebrity gossip Web site reported that Dr. Phoenyx Austin, a physician, writer and media personality, commented on Cole's self-esteem: [Amber's] actions clearly display that she is so desperate for ANY form of male validation and love that she would degrade herself to this degree. As for the boy, or boys, who are no more than parasites, I sincerely hope that they are dealt with by karma's hand -- and maybe even a male relative that decides to step up to the plate. This is not boys being boys. Their actions were cruel and sick. And you can tell everything about an individual's soul based on how they treat someone they don't have to treat well.

It is quite difficult to judge or even comment on what exactly the state of mind of a girl of Cole's age is, particularly after what she just went through. Perhaps the best recourse, at this time, would be some parental advice and insights.