‘Battle Field 3’ Patch: PC Updates Released Tomorrow, No Word on Xbox 360 Release Date
‘Battlefield 3‘ will briefly go offline for PC on Thursday for an hour-and-a-half at 8 am while a new patch is installed. The updates include a number of tweaks to the battlefield gameplay and to balancing. The patch will also being new “rent a server” functionality for PC players and fix some of the bugs and glitches which plague the game. Battlefield.com

The massive patch players were promised for Battlefield 3 has just been delayed for those playing on computers, reported PC Gamer. The update of over 300 fixes, announced by DICE at the end of February, will hit PlayStation 3 owners today.

A setback in PC patches is unusual, considering the process is typically easier on the PC open platform. The studio's executive producer Patrick Bach explained to PC Gamer that sometimes patches can add more complications to the gameplay experience.

We've had problems with patching in things like 'Battlefield 2' where you had to patch the patch because the patch screwed it up and then you have to apply a patch to patch the patch, he said to the website. And that's, from a player's perspective, that's not a great experience.

He continued to say that because of the dense nature of the game, updates need to be crafted carefully.

Our problem with support is we have a very big and complex game, he said. So if something needs to be fixed, we need to be sure that it doesn't break something at the other end again, like I said, we don't want to do emergency fixes to compensate for one area.

Some players expressed disappointed at the postponed patch.

I've got some good news and some bad news. Actually, just bad news, one fan posted on Twitter when referring to the 'Battlefield' delay.

Others argued that the game simply works better on consoles as opposed to PCs.

'Battlefield 3,' while less pretty, seems to play so much better on 360 compared to PC, another player tweeted.

Could this better gameplay experience account for the smoother patch updates on console devices? According to the Battlefield blog, PC players will receive the promised fixes soon.