Interested in switching to vape this 2021? The first thing you need to do is determine what your vaping requirements are. Do you want a powerful smoke, a flavorful experience or a calming effect with every puff?

Thankfully, we prepared some of our highly-recommended vaping essentials for beginners. Whether mods, pens, vape juices or CBD essentials, we got you covered.

1. VapX Meteor 510 Mod 2000mAh 80W

VapX Meteor 510 Mod The VapX Meteor only requires 1 hour to be fully charged. Photo:

If you're looking for a stylish and sleek-looking mod, the VapX Meteor is a powerful tool to have. It has a built-in 2000mAh battery that has an 80W maximum output. It is designed from silicone, leather and zinc alloy giving it a futuristic look. The Type-C fast charging port with 5V/2A charging current allows the device to be charged in just one hour. 


Ehpro Cold Steel 100 Enjoy this powerful and portable box mod co-designed with AmbitionZ VapeR. Photo:

The Ehpro Cold Steel is designed by AmbitionZ VapR who is a professional US-based vape reviewer. The item is crafted with lightweight full metal construction with an ultra ergonomic design for increased durability while being easy to carry. It has a 120W Max output which is powered by a 21700/20700/18650 battery. The Micro-USB charging port makes it a nice choice for convenient charging. Each package comes with a belt holster, warranty card and battery adaptor so you don't need to make any other additional purchases.


Smok Mag P3 Kit The SMOK Mag P3 Kit is the newest offering from SMOK to bring you reliable, consistent, and customizable vapor anywhere you want it. Photo:

If you need a reliable, consistent and customizable vape, then the SMOK Mag P3 is the way to go. This kit is SMOK's first waterproof and dustproof mod which makes it reliable even in wet conditions. The item also features an IQ-S Chipset plus a 001-second firing speed, which means you get vapor immediately. The mod comes with a 9ml capacity tank that has a button lock for improved security. If you need a wide array of user control, the Mag P3 comes with an HD touchscreen which you can use to access "Stealth Mode" options, vapor modes and password protection.

4. CBDFx Pineapple Express Vape Pen

Screen SPineapple Express CBD Terpenes Vape Penhot 2021-04-01 at 4 Enjoy the benefit of terpenes to give the best possible body relief. Photo:

If you need a pen to help you relax right away, then the CBDFx Pineapple Express CBD Terpene is the pen we highly recommend. If you're unfamiliar with terpenes, it is a compound that has sedative and anxiety-reducing properties that can be found in multiple plants but is also an active ingredient in CBD oil. While this pen is infused with a broad spectrum of CBD, it is nonetheless the ideal starting formulation of anyone new when it comes to CBD usage. This pen requires no charging and is ready to use right out of the box. 

5. Gio G Pen

Gio G Pen The Gio G Pen is your handy and ready to use vaporizer. Photo:

The Gio G Pen is designed to be discreet and affordable for the ultimate on-the-go vaping experience. Each pen is created with an ergonomic design made from a zinc-alloy case for increased durability. Despite its slim appearance, it has a powerful 190mah battery. Each package includes one battery and a micro USB charging cord. 

6. Unwind CBD Vape Pen

Unwind CBD Vape Pen Relalx and Unwind with the Syzgy Vape pen. Photo:

The Syzygy Unwind CBD Vape Pen is made from hemp-derived plants that are organically grown in Colorado. The CBD oil is extracted from organically-grown and pesticide-free hemp, which is one of the safest techniques in creating CBD oil. The pen is ready to use upon opening and you only need to inhale for three to five seconds to get your needed dose of relaxation. The pen is also great in helping those who suffer from panic attacks and have trouble sleeping.

7. Billiards Soda Range Shortfill 100ml  Billiards Soda Range Enjoy a variety of Billiard's Soda Range Juices. Photo:

The Billiards Soda Range kit has four different flavors: Berry, Sting, Green Apple and Cola so you won't run out of flavors to choose from. Each item is 100ml of zero nicotine e-liquid which works best for those with Sub-Ohm tanks and mods that have higher wattage. 

8.Wellicy Grape CBD Oil Wellicy Grape CBD Oil Enjoy the effects of CBD Oil that is compatible with any vape device. Photo:

What's nice about the Wellicy Grape CBD Oil is that it can be consumed either as a vape juice or as a tincture. It's nice to have such a choice especially if your intended dose depends on it. If you prefer to use it as a juice for your vape then you don't have to worry about any specifications since it is compatible with any vaping device. It also does not require any special settings or wattages and can be mixed with any of your favorite e-liquids.

9. Starburst Vape Juice  Starbust Vape Juice Try out some of the most incredible vape juice that will hit your tank. Photo:

The Starbust Vape Juice offers a sweet blend of strawberry and banana taffy that gives a refreshing crash with every puff. What makes this vape juice unique is its 30 percent additional flavoring compared to your standard vape juice. This makes the flavors richer without the need for extra costs.

10. Extra Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Extra Spectrum CBD Oil Potent CBD for hard days and long nights. Photo:

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in either 1500mg or 3000mg bottles. You can choose either smooth vanilla or crisp peppermint flavor for a more relaxed intake. What makes Full Spectrum highly recommended is its long-lasting effect while having a broad range of therapeutic cannabinoids which can help you unwind after a long day.

11. Lemon CBD Oil

Lemon CBD Oil Enjoy CBD wellness with each intake. Photo:

The Lemon CBD Oil is made from 100 percent natural ingredients. CBD serves as a dietary supplement that can help improve wellness and overall health. Some of the benefits you can derive from the Full Spectrum CBD include getting a great source of vitamin C, improving skin quality and promoting proper hydration.

12. CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture

CBD + CBN Oil Unwind the mind with the full spectrum Calming Tincture. Photo:

If you need something to help you relax after a long day, then choose to unwind with the CBD + CBN Oil Calming Tincture. The mix includes a proprietary blend of terpene designed to help you calm down after a long day. Say farewell to groggy mornings due to lack of sleep. There are different strengths to choose from, but for beginners, the regular strength (500mg) is highly recommended.