Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter for singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, celebrates her 19th birthday today, March 4, but because of her mother's death she doesn't feel like celebrating and only wants alone time with her brother Nick Gordon, according to a report.

Krissy doesn't want to celebrate her birthday because she feels like she has nothing to celebrate! sources told Hollywood Life. It is uncertain whether Bobby Brown will be visiting his daughter on her birthday. And if he does pay her a visit, it is also uncertain whether she will welcome him.

Bobbi Kristina is telling friends that she doesn't want to fly to LA or New Jersey to be with her family on the big day - she wants to be alone with her brother Nick Gordon in Atlanta, a source told Hollywood Life.

The gossip Web site also reported that a source has also said that Krissy feels like she can't be herself in front of her family members right now. She doesn't want to have to put on some act on her birthday pretending to be happy. She just wants to be alone with her brother Nick.

According to TMZ, Nick Gordon, is a 22-year-old man who Houston took in and treated like her own son after opening her home to him more than 10 years ago when she learned that his mother was no longer able to care for him.

But Houston's mother, Cissy, may have a problem with Bobbi Kristina wanting to spend time with Gordon, as according to TMZ, Cissy feels that Gordon is a bad influence on Bobbi Kristina. Reports are that Cissy also wants Gordon out of Houston's family home in Atlanta ASAP. Reports are that Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother are arguing over Gordon.

We're told Cissy has already informed her lawyers about the eviction ... in case he puts up a fight, TMZ reported, noting that there have been reports that Gordon was included on Houston's will. However, TMZ was unable to confirm that.

Houston died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Feb. 11. She was 48 years old. A cause of death has not yet been released.

Bobbi Kristina and her mother were best friends and were often seen out together. In her interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2009 Houston said that Bobbi Kristina played a role in her deciding to leave Bobby Brown after almost 15 years of marriage.

Houston also told Oprah that Bobbi Kristina saw Bobby Brown spitting on her once.

'It's all right,' Houston said she told her daughter. However, Bobbi Kristina told Houston, 'No, it's not. No, it's not.'

The teen told her mom to divorce her dad.

In the past, Krissy would always celebrate her birthday with her mother by either going to the spa or to the movies, so this is a very difficult day for Krissy, a source told Hollywood Life. And the last thing she wants to deal with is two feuding families, Whitney's and Bobby's. She just wants her space right now and can you blame her?

Bobbi Kristina aspires to be a singer like her mom. The teen told Oprah in 2009, that Words can't explain how proud of I am [of my mother].

Do you think Bobbi Kristina can get over all the drama and have a happy birthday as she should? Share your thoughts with us in comment box below.

Watch Houston's interview with Oprah below:

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