U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigned his post this week so that the agency isn't distracted by his recent hit-and-run incident. Wikipedia

United States Commerce Secretary John Bryson has resigned, according to reports.

News of his resignation came more than a week after he was implicated in a hit-and-run accident. According to Bloomberg, Bryson said he is leaving the post in order to prevent his illness from becoming a distraction. (Read resignation letter.)

The allegations are that Bryson, 68, is responsible for causing several car accidents last week. Police said he drove his Lexus into another car in San Gabriel, Calif., and struck the car a second time while driving away. A second car was later allegedly struck in Rosemead, and Bryson, who has been in office since October, was found behind the wheel alone and unconscious, on June 9.

Commerce Department spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman, on June 11, said Bryson suffered a seizure and was treated for his condition.

President Barack Obama told the Associated Press that he accepts Bryson's resignation and thank him for the invaluable experience and expertise he brought to the administration.