Filling up your child's Easter basket doesn't have to be a total chore. Reuters

Easter baskets can be a lot of work, especially if left for the last minute. But filling up your child's basket doesn't have to be a total chore. Below are 20 ideas for creative and easy additions to your Easter fun. Don't forget plenty of chocolate, candy and cool toys.

1. Book such as That’s Not My Bunny, The Runaway Bunny, The Parable Of The Lily and The Easter Story are perfect for young children.

2. Add crayons, but don't let them draw on the walls.

3. Don't forget the coloring books. Bonus points for buying coloring books featuring your child's favorite character.

4. Puzzles from a dollar store are cheap and fun.

5. Stickers provide hours of entertainment.

6. Play-Doh is a childhood must.

7. Hair accessories for girls are useful and pretty.

8. Baseball cards to encourage a love for good sportsmanship.

9. Wind-up toys are usually small, ideal for an Easter basket.

10. Movie tickets are a good bet for older children.

11. If you don't add a cholocate bunny, you aren't doing Easter baskets right.

12. Salty, crunchy nuts for children without allergies.

13. Creme eggs are an obvious choice.

14. Nail polish featuring spring colors will help kickoff the season.

15. Toothbrushes promote good hygiene after feasting on candy.

16. Colorful jelly beans are a tasty treat.

17. Cookies from the store or your oven.

18. A new wallet can help teach smart budget skills.

19. Dried fruit is a wise healthy addition.

20. A USB drive is practical.