A Florida teen has been accused of murder following a dispute over beer that led to the death of his 69-year-old grandmother. Dylan Brougham, 18, got into an altercation with the elderly woman after she reportedly hid his beer while he was in the shower, a Facebook post from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stated Friday.

The argument that took place on Oct. 10 resulted in Joyce Ann Courson being hospitalized after police found her bleeding from her face on the floor of the family home. During the argument, Courson stated that Brougham began punching holes in the walls close to the kitchen, the suspect then made his way into the kitchen where he pushed his grandmother down and began to punch her in the face and kick her.

The same day of the assault, Brougham was picked up by the police and charged with aggravated battery. Eight days following the attack, Courson died from her injuries and murder charges were added on Nov. 3.

The suspect’s mother, Tracey Brougham told the local media that her son did not kill his grandmother, who is also her mother. “He didn’t actually kill her, her heart stopped. That’s what caused her death, we took her off life support,” Brougham told Action News Jax.

The mother of the suspect said that her son has a history of anger issues and episodes of rage were random. “Even though he was drinking the day of the incident, he has some severe anger issues but it rarely comes out but when it comes, it just comes,” she said.

This is not the first time the Brougham family has had been in trouble with authorities. Tracey Brougham who has been arrested over 20 times was previously taken into custody for getting violent with her mother. Although the charges were later dropped, she was charged with battery earlier this year.

The medical examiner has ruled Tracey Brougham’s death a homicide.