Forget Hunter Biden's allegedly corrupt business deals with Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The real scandal is Hunter moving in with Hallie Biden, the wife of his late brother, Beau; divorcing his first wife Kathleen in 2017; and unceremoniously ditching Hallie to marry someone else last May.

The very, very messy personal life of Hunter Biden, 49, might eventually prove disastrous to his father's presidential campaign. It might even help derail it. And things have just gotten a lot worse for Hunter Biden with another new and damning scandal.

A woman from Arkansas Hunter originally denied having sex with gave birth to their love child in August 2018. Hunter's paternity has been proven by a DNA test he willingly submitted to prove he didn't father this child. The test, however, proved Hunter's paternity with "scientific certainty."

The child's mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, filed her paternity suit in May at the Independence County Circuit Court in Arkansas. Roberts filed her lawsuit some two weeks after Hunter, married South African Melissa Cohen, 33, on May 16, 2019 after a whirlwind romance lasting all of six days.

Hunter is “not expected to challenge the results of the DNA test or the testing process,” according to Roberts’ filing.

The baby’s “paternal grandfather, Joe Biden, is seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party for President of the United States of America,” said Roberts in her suit. “He is considered by some to be the person most likely to win his party’s nomination and challenge President Trump on the ballot in 2020.”

Roberts' motion Wednesday seeks to have her the name, date of birth and “all other identifying information” of her child called “Baby Doe” sealed from the public when the court issues a paternity order.

Roberts’ filing argues “members of the Biden family either are protected or eligible to be protected by the United States Secret Service as a direct result of Joe Biden’s political status.” On the other hand, “Baby Doe’s paternity could put the child and those close to the child at risk of harm.”

Hunter has three adult daughters by Kathleen. He does, however, have a history of drug and alcohol problems. These problems led to his being cashiered by the U.S. Navy Reserve for cocaine use in 2014. Hunter has been to rehab several times.

The latest problem plaguing Hunter was too irresistible for the Trump campaign for president to pass-up. The campaign mockingly tweeted: "Congratulations, Joe Biden!"