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The countdown is still running, but in the meantime, Nintendo has brought out a few more trailers previewing some new content in “Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.” From the banana-loving Yiga clan to the adorable if oddly-located Koroks, to new character allies, Nintendo keeps teasing content that ramps up the anticipation by the day.

Here are some of the latest teasers released by the iconic Japanese gaming corp ahead of the “Age of Calamity” release.

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Yiga Clan

The stealth mission in “Breath of the Wild” had you avoiding them (mostly), but in the latest trailer, Link is shown fighting the Yiga clan -- and this time, they talk. The official trailer sees Link fighting the Yigas in a burning village, plus a dramatic monologue by their flamboyant leader, Koga. It also features two Yiga warriors kneeling in front of a hooded figure with a glowing staff -- the same glow as the Guardians after they were taken over by Ganon. New boss, perhaps?

Yiga Clan Leader
Yiga Clan Leader 4Gamer


They’re back, and they’re as cute as ever. Nintendo has revealed that yes, even in “Age of Calamity,” you can indeed hunt down Koroks -- and meet Hestu, too! The sneak peek shows Hestu celebrating in front of Zelda and Urbosa, cheering that “somebody sees me!” What’s the link between Hestu in “Age of Calamity” and Hestu in “Breath of the Wild”? Hopefully the game tells us that -- and if he can help you in your quest, too!

Hestu 4Gamer

New playable characters

The Part 3 Trailer also teased the identities of some very interesting playable characters -- particularly Purah, the lovable if eccentric scientist up in Hateno. Screenshots by 4Gamer also showed King Rhoam, Zelda’s father, wielding a large sword; and someone who could possibly be a younger Symin. There’s voice acting for various characters within the game, too!

Purah 4Gamer

Character abilities

A previous rundown of the “Age of Calamity” gameplay showed that each of the playable characters can wield the Sheikah runes in various ways according to their own abilities, and the trailer revealed more of that. Mipha freezes a horde of Lizalfos with the Cryonis rune, which no longer needs water to function. Revali uses Stasis to freeze his Lizalfos enemies and target them with a flurry of arrows. Zelda releases a large, walking variant of the round Remote Bomb rune, which seems to scatter many smaller bombs that detonate on contact. And Purah uses Magnesis to steal the sickles of the Yigas around her, lumping them into one large weapon for her to wield.

How’s that for firepower?

Mipha Cryonis
Mipha Cryonis 4Gamer

Outfits and armor

The start of the Part 3 trailer also shows Link in combat while wearing various outfits that will be familiar to “Breath of the Wild” players. These include his Soldier Armor, Hylian Armor, Stealth Armor, and more. It’s unclear if you’ll have to collect the various pieces by yourself -- and if, like in “Breath of the Wild”, you can upgrade these items via Fairy Fountains -- but it adds to the idea that the player can customize Link to fight according to the arena.

Snowquill Armor Link
Snowquill Armor Link 4Gamer

“Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity” is set one hundred years before the events of “Breath of the Wild”, taking players back to the days of the Great Calamity, when Ganon emerged to wreak havoc over Hyrule. Play as Link, Zelda, the four Champions, and several other characters as you attempt to stem the tide of Ganon’s blight -- and survive ‘til the last.

“Age of Calamity” launches on November 20, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Users with pre-existing “Breath of the Wild” data will receive a special bonus weapon when you start "Age of Calamity: The Training Sword."

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