The newest Ice Cream Sandwich update, also known as Android 4.0, is said to hit various smartphones soon. However, users of the Droid Razr Maxx are still patiently awaiting the upgrade.

The Motorola RAZRs (32GB and 16GB) and MAXX updates scheduled for April 4 have been delayed, it read on Best Buy's website. Watch Employee News for more details.

Mobile Bloom reported that a leaked screenshot of an internal Best Buy system indicated that the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx would debut Ice Cream Sandwich on April 4th, but the gadget has yet to see the upgrade. Verizon, known for posting updates on its support website, has not made any references to the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update recently.

Several users attempted to contact the manufacturer through Twitter, reported Engadget, but to no avail. Motorola Mobility did not comment on the matter, and has not specified a release date. However, the company did say that new information regarding the operating system update will be made public soon.

When Motorola launched the Ice Cream Sandwich update, the Droid Razrr Max was still in the evaluation and planning stage, according to Mobile Bloom. Last week, a moderator in the XD developers' forum showed users how to leak the update before its official launch. The author behind the post, known as yalkowni, published a step-by-step guide taking users through the process.

Earlier in the week Gizmodo reported that various Android apps can allow users to install some features of the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich before its release. Specific applications can simulate the ICS upgraded keyboard, enhanced Internet browser, and even the new Face Unlock feature.

The Android 4.0 update has also been leaked to the Galaxy Note, according to RootzWiki who obtained the official ROM for the phablet.  The upgrade was described as stable enough for daily use, which means that fans could be seeing a launch date sooner rather than later.

However, Best Buy did confirm that Ice Cream Sandwich will launch on the HTC Rezound on April 6th.