Not only has the New York Knicks rookie, Jeremy Lin, dominated the court, but linsanity has now spread to sports merchandise and memorabilia. In addition to having the top selling jersey, Lin's 2010-2011 National Treasures Prime Patch Auto Jersey card has become one of the most coveted rookie cards in basketball history.

Lin's rookie card sold for $21,580 on the online auction eBay Thursday. The card was sold by Yair Rozmaryn, a card collector in New York. Rozmaryn bought the Lin rookie card for $1,000 two weeks ago before Linsanity skyrocketed out of control.

The Knicks season ticket holder told ESPN Wednesday that he saw huge potential in the Lin card, which is why he initially purchased it.

He had two great games at the time, Rozmaryn told ESPN. And I figured he appeals to a big audience. He plays in New York City. He seems like a really personable guy.

After having the card appraised by the reputable Beckett Grading Service, Rozmaryn discovered the card's serial number is 17 of 25, offering special significance to the rookie edition as Lin's jersey number is also 17. Rozmaryn called the card the holy grail as the Beckett Grading Service rated the card in mint condition with a 9.5 out of 10. The card is in fantastic shape with a clear autograph in blue and a two-colored patch from Lin's jersey. In the card, Lin is wearing his Golden State Warriors jersey from the 2010-2011 season.

Lin's rookie card is one of the most expensive of its kind. According to the Bleacher Report, when LeBron James first entered the NBA in 2003, his best SP Authentic (Upper Deck) rookie card sold for nearly $13,000. However, despite LeBron's popularity, the card has significantly lost its value.

The identity of the winning bidder has remained a secret.