Jimmy Kimmel awarded "Tanning Mom" the "Mom of the Year" award on his show. Then, there was a memorable acceptance speech. Reuters

With Mother's Day just around the corner, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be best to anoint one of the many mothers that has made headlines the Mom of the Year. In his show just before the weekend, Kimmel made it clear that he'd been moved by all the mothers making headlines and worked obsessively to make the right choice for his Mom of the Year award.

Every day on television, we see so many amazing mothers, so many incredible role models, that we wanted to take the opportunity to honor them tonight, said Kimmel. We've been working night and day for the last eight weeks on this to narrow it down to the best mothers of the best.

Kimmel went on to announce the mothers of the year nominees, which included Plastic Surgery Mom, who has given her 8-year-old daughter $7,000 in plastic surgery vouchers; Alicia Silverstone, who recorded a video of herself chewing food up for her son and then spitting it into his mouth; Tanning Mom, who was charged with taking her daughter to the tanning salon with her; Joyride Grandma, who towed a plastic toy car with a child in it behind their SUV using dog leashes; Hot Dog Hooker Mom, who pleaded guilty to prostitution charges and said on television that she has two jobs -- selling hot dogs and stripping.

While the competition was tought to call, Kimmel eventually crowns Tanning Mom, also known as Patricia Krentcil, the mom of the year. Since Krentcil made headlines, she's been banned from at least 63 tanning salons in her town of Nutley, New Jersey. Krentcil had been charged with child endangerment for bringing her 5-year-old daughter to the tanning salon. Owner of the City Tropics Tanning Salon, where Krentcil allegedly took her daughter, denies that kids have ever been allowed in the store. The store now adorns a sign that says No Children Allowed.

After Kimmel announced the winner of the award, he walked over to a podium to hand-deliver the award to the winner. We'd hate to ruin the acceptance speech, so we strongly encourage you to check it out in the video at the top.