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Josh Allen may only be 27 years old but knows that his body can take only so much of the NFL physicality. Christian Petersen/Getty Images


  • Josh Allen hints at focusing on quarterbacking the Bills for the coming season
  • Allen admits that he needs to change his style after dealing with an elbow injury season
  • Fans continue to wonder what the real score is between Allen and his longtime girlfriend

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is undoubtedly one of the big-name quarterbacks in the NFL, standing out from the rest with his efficiency regardless if it is the air or the ground.

Although he is only 27 years old, the two-time Pro Bowler admits that he needs to tweak his ways and is feeling the effects of the rough-and-tumble plays of the game.

"It sounds crazy, but I'm getting older," Allen told USA Today's Lorenzo Reyes. "I know I can't continue to do this. I know when I'm using my youth, I feel like I can, but over the course of my career I'm going to have to learn to adapt and change."

Before making that statement, Allen was known for his rushing style which proves that the 2020 Second-team All Pro is ready to mix it up.

Backing that up is the fact that Allen has run for at least 421 yards each season and has racked up at least 102 carries in four seasons.

But like most athletes, the California native knows that his body can take only so much.

It appears that moving forward, he plans to focus more on quarterbacking rather than being an offensive threat.

"I've always had the mindset of, I've been a football player first and a quarterback second," Allen stated. "At some point that is going to have to switch. When that point is, I don't know. I guess I'll let my body tell me."

For most of last season, Allen had to deal with an elbow injury.

Factoring that in, he knows that he needs to make the necessary adjustments moving forward and play smarter.

It seems that this is what NFL fans will see for the rest of the 2023-24 season.

"Get down, slide and live to fight another down. Again, it has worked up to this point, but I understand that there's going to be a point in time when it's not going to work so well," Allen stated.

This comes not long after news involving Allen got out regarding his personal life. This involves the Bills' longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams, who silently unfollowed him on Instagram.

Aside from that, photographs of the couple disappeared from Williams' page.

Allen continues to follow Williams on social media, but the couple has yet to address rumors of their breakup.

Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen throws a pass in the Bills' NFL playoff victory over the New England Patriots
Josh Allen may be playing a bit differently starting next NFL season. GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA via AFP / Timothy T Ludwig