Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis has been having monster games but questions are in the air if he can stay healthy in the latter parts of the season. Getty Images/Christian Petersen


  • The Lakers need to be careful not to overwork and wear out Anthony Davis
  • Davis and others are figuring out ways for the Lakers to win this season
  • Bench players may be the focal point of any trade to give their stars help

The Los Angeles Lakers won again on Sunday, December 4, this time at the expense of the Washington Wizards, 130-119.

At the helm of their latest win that allowed them to improve to 10-12 is no other than Anthony Davis.

The 29-year-old finished with another monstrous performance, scoring 55 points to go with 17 rebounds in 38 minutes of action.

These came several days after the eight-time All-Star led the squad over the Milwaukee Bucks with 44 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists in 40 minutes of action.

Together with LeBron James, the duo has been trying to spearhead their campaign this season.

Russell Westbrook, despite his diminished role, is doing his fair share as backup and has had his moments.

After their game against the Bucks, "The Brow" feels that he along with James and Westbrook are figuring things out via Spectrum SportsNet.

"We're figuring it out. Game-by-game, day-by-day, we're in constant communication about how we can get better, late-game, throughout the game. The play that says for us Lakers basketball is Russ down on the floor, after a pass that Khris Middleton fumbled, and then getting us, kinda-sorta a sealing dunk, kicking it to Bron and then Bron passing it to me," he said.

"We're just figuring it out, but us 3, Russ making some great reads, making some good play calls and we're just trying to execute. But he did a good job tonight, Bron, myself, the rest of the guys so we're just trying to figure it out and let the outside noise be outside noise, and try to keep stacking wins," Davis stated.

While this should be comforting for Lakers fans, a question in the minds of pundits is how long can Davis hold up.

Most will recall that the past seasons saw him sidelined and miss a lot of games with Los Angeles.

In fact, Davis played in only 76 regular season games in the last two NBA seasons.

Davis has endured a lot of wear and tear through the years and pushing himself to do more this NBA season could be telling on the Lakers.

The fact remains that the Lakers need help, a reason why it may be wise to consider moving some of their current assets in trade scenarios.

Westbrook may no longer be included, meaning guys like Kendrick Nunn and Patrick Beverley could be among the top candidates who may be dealt out.

This was covered in depth in a previous report here on the International Business Times.

Russell Westbrook
The Lakers' "Big Three" are reportedly figuring things out but still need ample backup from their teammates. Ethan Miller/Getty Images