‘Mass Effect 3’ Ending: DLC Coming This Summer, Did BioWare Listen To 'Retake' Movement?
BioWare has just announced a summer launch for "Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut," the awaited DLC that fans hoped would address the seemingly disappointing ending. The new content is said to contain additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, according to a press release from BioWare. Wikipedia

The Mass Effect series was already considered a significant part of pop culture, contributing to the sci-fi genre in an innovative and interactive way. But Mass Effect 3 has brought it to an entirely new level-stirring controversy from the lackluster ending, to same-sex relationships, and DLC issues.

But fans that are disgruntled about the series' conclusion may find some retribution. According to Forbes, BioWare has been working with Legendary entertainment on an original Mass Effect movie.

One of the great things about this process is that our first goal was to make sure that we were working with the right people, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect franchise Casey Hudson told Forbes. When you have the right person on-board, then you can trust them to do the right thing with the material and we have really great people.

The space-based action adventure film is currently being written by Mark Protosevich, known for his work on I Am Legend and Thor. No release date has been discussed for the Mass Effect movie, but Forbes writer John Gaudiosi predicts that it will be sometime in the coming years.

Considering how long it takes for Hollywood adaptations to move forward, don't expect a 'Mass Effect' movie any time soon, John Gaudiosi wrote.

But according to Hudson, the delayed progress will ensure that fans are satisfied.

We're taking our time with it and that's because we're doing everything we can to make sure that we don't proceed until we know for sure that we're going to have something really special, Hudson said to Forbes.

Mass Effect has seen success in other mediums as well, such as books and comics. Only time will tell if the film will live up to the name the video game has established.