'We Should Not Rush To Conclusions'

A French pilots' union is filing a lawsuit because information about the plane's last moments were released to the media before they were made known to prosecutors.

Airline Pilots May Face Stricter Psych Evaluations

The conclusion of prosecutors that a Germanwings pilot, who reportedly took a six-month break from training in 2009 due to depression, deliberately crashed Flight 9525 raises concerns about whether pilots are properly screened for psychological factors.


German Airbus A320 crash

What Flight 9525's Black Box Could Reveal

Investigators have located Flight 9525’s black box among the wreckage of the Airbus A320, a critical development as officials try to piece together what caused the crash.

One Accident Per Every 4.4M Flights

A deadly crash in the French Alps on Tuesday is another in a long line of high-profile aviation accidents in the last 15 months — but airline safety overall is actually improving.