Michelle Parker, 32, mysteriously vanished last Thursday in Florida straight after her case appeared on the television show People's court,' where she reported that she had been a victim of her ex fiancé's violent temper.

The 32-year-old mother of three agreed to participate in the show over the summer to resolve a dispute over her $5000 engagement ring, which she tossed over a balcony in drunkard frenzy.

Parker's mother told ABC news that her daughter had been reluctant to participate in the show, but her ex fiancé, Dale Smith, persuaded her saying it would help to solve the dispute. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I don't ever want to see it. I wish I hadn't gone, she told her mother after the show.

Parker and Smith were known to have an extremely tumultuous relationship, which Parker told the People's Court was spurred by her ex fiancé's violent side that worsened with alcohol. Smith, however, is not a suspect in the disappearence case. Police have said that they are looking into all possibilities.

Parker's mother appeared on the Today's Show on Tuesday saying she suspected her daughter has been carjacked.

I know in my heart of heart that she's been carjacked, that the people saw an expensive car and a girl who looks like she has money and I know they've made a mistake and I know that they want to fix this and I forgive them. It's Thanksgiving. She wants to come home to her babies. We want her home, she said.

Her mother also told the Today's Show that she was frustrated with the laws in this country. I have really good information that she may be in a certain area and I just can't go in and kick the door down and get her,'' She said in a statement that she later backed away from clarifying that there was not a specific door she wanted to knock down and she was expressing a general frustration.

Parker's friends and volunteers have organized a search for Parker. On Tuesday morning fliers and T-shirts were handed out with Parker's printed photo. The search initially focused on south Florida where Parker's iPhone was last pinged but the search has now expanded to Orange County.