During the 2012 election, only 46 percent of eligible millennials said they had voted, according to Pew Research.

For the 2016 election, the Internet is retaliating – by rallying millennials to vote. From Twitter’s trending hashtag promoting #NationalVoterRegistrationDay to Facebook and Snapchat registration campaigns, social media has today’s youth swiping and clicking their way to registration.

Marking one of the most-watched presidential elections to date, companies and millennial-targeted organizations are empowering youth everywhere to vote.

With 75 million millennials accounted for in the U.S., the number has since surpassed the Baby Boomer generation, according to a study released by theSkimm.

TheSkimm, a nonpartisan media company that boasts over 4 million active subscribers, made its claim to fame with its succinct, morning newsletters summarizing the world’s most important topics, gearing it towards millennial women. The company, which was founded by former NBC News producers Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, recently debuted its new Skimm Studies, which focuses on the millennial women that comprise its readership. On Monday, Skimm Studies released a study on female millennial voters.

Taking a random sampling of its newsletter audience, 6,000 subscribers responded to the company’s survey regarding the 2016 election. Fifty percent of those respondents were millennial women between the ages of 22 and 35 years old.

The conclusion?

Well, 97 percent of female millennial voters confirmed that they were planning on voting, but 11 percent of those asked said they were less than thrilled about casting their vote in November. Meanwhile, 46 percent of the women revealed that they were feeling disappointed with this election. In addition, 41 percent of those surveyed actively wanted to vote just to keep their opposing party candidate from winning.

Hillary Clinton is leading the millennial female vote, according to the study, with 56 percent opting for the Democratic presidential candidate, followed by 24 percent, who remain undecided. Eight percent are siding with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and another eight percent for Gary Johnson, while four percent opted “other.”

TheSkimm has also launched its #NoExcuses campaign in partnership with Rock the Vote to encourage their readership to vote in the upcoming election