On Tuesday, Fotis Dulos attempted suicide at his Farmington home. This new development followed the Connecticut resident being charged with murder and kidnapping regarding the May 24 disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, his estranged wife, on Jan. 6. Previously, both he and his former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, had also been charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence.

After failing to show up at an emergency bond hearing in Stamford, first responders visited his residence after tracking his court-issued GPS monitoring system. At that time, they reportedly attempted to perform CPR before transporting him to UConn Health for carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to ABC 13, Fotis remains in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, New York, where he was transferred for treatment.

However, the hearing is still set to move forward on Wednesday, even though he will not be present. The court date is set to address Fotis' $6 million bond after the company filed to rescind the amount over technicalities.

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Tuesday's news followed a lengthy investigation into the whereabouts of the New Canaan mother of five. After her 2019 disappearance, it was reported that alibi scripts were recovered at Fotis' home. He was also ordered to obey a court-ordered gag order. However, he did break his silence in various interviews, where he claimed that Jennifer had been suffering from "serious psychological problems."

Earlier this year, previously-unreleased voicemails also created new suspicion about Fotis, while a "new twist" additionally raised new questions about his alibi. Prior to the suicide attempt, Fotis' attorney, Norm Pattis, had also indicated that both he and his client had wanted the upcoming murder trial to take place "as quickly as possible."

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