Two more videos of women hurling racial abuse at people aboard public transport in London have emerged following the arrest of Emma West, a woman whose racial rant on a London tram went viral on YouTube and caused widespread disgust.

West, 34, was charged on Monday with a racially-aggravated public order offence.

The video posted on YouTube showed the woman sitting with a toddler on her knees and shouting and swearing abuse at ethnic minorities aboard the tram. After being arrested, she was remanded in custody while reports were prepared. She is due to next appear in court on Dec.6, the BBC reported.

Two similar videos have emerged since West was arrested. The first shows a dark haired woman on a train from London to Manchester hurling vile racist comments at foreigners aboard the train.

You're in my country now talk my language, don't f-------talk your s----, talk my language you m------, f-----, she shouts before going on to mimic a Middle Eastern accent.

The video has already had 38,000 hits on YouTube and caused outrage among viewers. What a stupid horrid looking stupid sounding little c----. Hope she gets a kick in for this. She's a waste of skin. I hate her and hope she gets killed. Harsh? No because shes a c----, said tweedmill81 in a comment under the video.

So uneducated...lack of understanding. Ohhhh and cheap,posted Rajlodhia.

The video, which contains racially abusive language, is below:

Another video of a brunette being racially abusive aboard the London Underground was also posted on YouTube.

We have welcomed you into our country. Learn the lingo and then think about coming back you f----, she shouted. Yeah, welcome to London, get all the benefits, get everything free, yeah loser, that's the only reason you are here.

User OptimesssPrime, who posted the video, said he did it to show how his friend had been racially abused during a busy period on the London Underground close to Liverpool Street.

I should also point out, that my friend only realized this was worth filming after about 10 minutes of her rant, the reason as to why she became agitated is because my friend was having a quiet conversation with his friend in Russian and she was sitting in front of them.

The video, which contains racially abusive language, is below: