A private investigator claimed that OJ Simpson was innocent and the true killer, in fact, is his eldest son Jason Simpson, the New York Post reported.

William Dear, a celebrity private eye, based his conclusion from the seventeen-year investigation into the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, which he published in his book OJ is Innocent and I Can Prove It. Dear alleged that OJ Simpson was truly innocent and had taken the blame for the murders in order to protect his then 24-year-old son, from his first wife Marguerite.

In his book, Dear cited that Jason Simpson's incriminating behavior led to the murders of OJ Simpson's ex-wife and her friend. According to the New York Post, the 41-year-old, who is now a chef, suffered from intermittent rage disorder and had supposedly abused his girlfriend months before he committed the double murder.

Dear added in his book that Jason once described himself as a Jekyll and Hyde and used drugs. He was also said to have had a tiff with Nicole the day she was murdered. Jason was also alleged to have written down a chilling line in his old diary that read, this is the year of the knife for me, the The New York Post said.

The New York Post added that the investigator claimed to have unearthed a treasure trove of circumstantial evidence when he dug through Jason Simpson's trash and a storage locker. Among the items found was a knife that was never produced in court and was alleged to be the murder weapon.

That person who was wielding and welding that knife, had to know exactly what he was doing and he certainly had to be familiar with a knife. OJ wasn't, the Daily Mail cited Dear as saying in his documentary that he released in 2010.

Dear also theorized that Jason Simpson owned a knit cap, which was strikingly similar to the ones found near the victims' bodies. The investigator claimed to have found snapshots of Jason wearing one.

According to the Daily Mail, Dear said in his book that although OJ Simpson may be not guilty of murder, his crime lies in covering up the evidence. The investigator also cited several unanswered questions such as to why the police neither questioned Jason nor compared his fingerprints to the ones found at the scene.

Jason, who currently resides in Miami, has not responded to these comments, the New York Post said.

Even after OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murder charges in what was known as the trial of the century, the football legend is now serving a 33-year sentence for an armed robbery crime that he committed in 2007.