Sony made the gaming world very happy by announcing that the PS4 will have no restrictions on used games, no DRM and no Internet connection requirements.

The announcement, made by a Sony executive during the company's E3 2013 event, made the crowd erupt into thunderous applause. The Sony executive even took a swipe at Microsoft by saying that the PS4 won't require the console to check in once per day, like the Xbox One does.

Considering that the Xbox One does have restrictions on used games and has an Internet connection requirement, we wonder whether the Xbox One has already lost the war against the PS4. Time will tell.

Check out photos of these announcements below.


What do you think of the PS4? Are you pleased to hear that there are no restrictions on used games and no connection requirements? Do you agree or disagree that the Xbox One is dead on arrival now that Sony has revealed that it took the opposite stances that the Xbox One has? Sound off in the comments below.