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Surprise surprise! Total pre-orders for the PS4 and Xbox One have done very well on Amazon, according to multiple reports. Combined, the PS4 and Xbox One reached a peak of 2,500 pre-orders per minute. That's an astounding number.

The PlayStation 4 received a massive amount of positive press during and after E3 2013 as a result of the consumer-friendly used-game and DRM features that Sony said will be in the next version of the console. Those features were touted in contrast to the Xbox One's opposite stance toward used games, higher price ($499 for the Xbox One vs. $399 for the PS4) and Internet connectivity requirements, which had led to many complaints from gamers and a lot of bad press. However, the negative publicity and unhappy feedback apparently wasn't enough to stem the tide of pre-orders for the Xbox One on Amazon, which came in at a high volume on Friday.

Microsoft has since reversed course on its used-game restrictions and Internet connectivity requirements. It announced on Wednesday that the Xbox One will approach used games the same way the Xbox 360 does, and that there will be no Internet connectivity requirements. However, those changes came with three big compromises, which you can read about here.

Official release dates for the PS4 and Xbox One have yet to be announced, but all signs point to a November launch, prior to Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

What do you think of the PS4's and Xbox One's pre-order numbers? Are you surprised that they were both as high as they were? Why or why not? What do you think of the PS4 and the Xbox One? Which console will you be getting and why? Sound off in the comments below.