scream killer clues
The mask was lifted and the identity of the killer was revealed in episode 10 of MTV's "Scream," but was the answer there all along? MTV

The long wait to find out who the killer was on MTV's "Scream" came to an end Tuesday night in episode 10. While many fans had all different kinds of theories about who was behind the Brandon James mask, [SPOILER ALERT] it turns out the only the people who picked podcaster Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) were correct. Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) was also involved in some way, but how much remains unclear.

Clues have been there all season that pointed to different characters and resulted in many suspects. With the advantage of hindsight, when you go back and watch earlier episodes, the hints that reveal Piper's true identity have been there all along. Here are five standout clues that hinted at Piper being the killer and daughter of Brandon James:

1. Piper's murdered father

Possibly the biggest clue was when Piper and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) talk after the video of Emma's "first time" circulates around the school. Piper tells Emma about how her dad was murdered.

“I was too young to remember him and the police never solved it. Honestly, I don’t think they tried… I started to ask questions as young as I could talk and I kind of never stopped. So I guess we both have dark daddy issues,” Piper said.

Brandon James was murdered before Piper was born, so she never knew him. Once it was revealed the offspring of Brandon James was out there, it seemed to make sense that Piper could be this long lost child, especially since she came right out and said her father was murdered. This coincidence slipped past Emma, but all the signs were there, she just couldn't see them.

2. "Find the truth"

If you paid very close attention throughout the season, you could have picked up on the similarities in how the killer spoke on the phone and how Piper spoke to Emma. When Emma tells Piper the killer told her her family’s a fraud, Piper asks if she believes him. Emma says she doesn’t know. “Then you have to trust your instruct. Go and find the answers yourself,” Piper says.

The killer has been telling Emma to find out the truth the whole season. When Piper approaches Emma at the vigil for Riley (Brianna Tju), she talks to her about Audrey’s relationship with Rachel (Sosie Bacon). She says Rachel’s parents claim Audrey was pushy with their daughter. Emma counters her and says its possible Rachel’s parents were trying to justify their daughter having feelings for a girl. Piper responds, saying, “Maybe sure. Its just its hard to know the truth unless you have the whole story.”

3. The killer let her live

At the end of episode 6, Will (Connor Weil) and Piper are attacked by the Brandon James killer. Will gets stabbed and dragged away, while Piper is pushed over and hits her head on the ground. All throughout Season 1 it was no secret that the killer was merciless, so why would he/she allow a witness to get away? Sure, the killer was there for Will, but why let Piper go free and report what she had seen? It made sense she was allowed to live because she was one of the main players behind it and even got Emma involved in the search for Will.

4. Piper's finger-pointing

Ever since she first made her way into Lakewood, Piper had no problem pointing the finger at many different people and leading police to different suspects to get the attention off of her. She told police about Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt), told Emma about Kieran (Amadeus Serafini), brought Emma to Brandon James' mother who at first said Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) was Brandon's son and even suggested that Emma could be wrong about Audrey. She was always quick to try and make others believe the killer was someone else and got overly involved with the police, instead of sitting back and reporting on the crimes.

5. Always seeking out Emma

The first episode made it very clear that the killer was somewhat obsessed with Emma and seemed to know her every move. This can come in handy, when the killer is constantly near her, which Piper was. A couple times each episode Piper would "randomly" run into Emma, whether it was at the coffee shop, outside the high school or at the Halloween dance. Not to mention, she set up shop for her podcast at the coffee shop where Emma worked. Piper always seemed to be around Emma, which was not only suspicious, but served as a hint to who Piper really was.

"Scream" Season 2 premieres on MTV in 2016.