Scream Season 1 Recap
The killer was revealed in “Scream” Season 1, but an accomplice was able to get away. MTV

Lakewood is about to be terrorized once again when a new killer dons the Brandon James mask and wields a razor-sharp knife during MTV’s “Scream” Season 2. Before we see the next episode of the series, here’s what happened in the Season 1 finale, titled “Revelations.”

The stage was set for Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald) final showdown with the killer. Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) was kidnapped, and the masked murderer called Emma to tell her the night was going to serve as the big finale. The killer told her the evening was going to be “gut-wrenching,” which rang true when Emma and her mother Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) found the sheriff tied to a tree behind Maggie’s old house. As they went about cutting him loose, the organs fell out of his stomach, and he died.

Even though a murderer was running around Lakewood, Brooke (Carlson Young) decided it was a good idea to have a party at her house. The Brandon James killer crashed the party, as became readily apparent when a body was found in the bathroom. Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) went to look inside the bathroom, where the killer jumped out and stabbed her.

Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) previously escaped jail after all the police officers watching his cell were murdered. He showed up at Brooke’s house, claiming he was innocent and had nowhere to go. She didn’t believe him and locked him outside. The killer then showed up and chased Brooke into the garage. She hid in a freezer, and the murderer locked her inside it, expecting her to die.

Emma and Noah (John Karna) arrived at Brooke’s place and found Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) car, but no sign of Piper. Eventually, they both ran into Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and Jake (Tom Maden), and Noah discovered Audrey still alive. Emma, Kieran and Jake then found the freezer where Brooke was on ice, and they were able to get her out before she froze to death. The killer called Emma to tell her she had her mother and they were waiting for her on the dock where Brandon James was slain.

Emma decided to go face the murderer on her own, and when she got to the dock, she attempted to untie her mother. The Brandon James killer showed up, and it turned out it was Piper the whole time. Piper was Maggie’s daughter, put up for adoption years ago after Maggie had Brandon’s baby. Piper was looking for revenge on Emma and Maggie because she was left out of the family.

Piper’s big plan was to pin everything on Mr. Branson, and all she had to do to complete it was finish off Emma and Maggie. Emma and Piper fought one another, and when Piper got the upper hand, it looked like things were over for Emma. However, Audrey showed up, and she shot and killed Piper. So Audrey seemed to be the big hero, but the final seconds of the finale revealed that Audrey had helped Piper in some way. Audrey’s involvement is expected to be explored in Season 2.

“Scream” Season 2 will premieres on MTV Monday at 11 p.m. EDT.