Robots can replace humans for a variety of jobs, but prostitution seems like a profession that will stay human-only. That may not be the case, however, according to a new study. Researchers envision a future in which robots take the place of traditional sex workers in Amsterdam clubs, providing a safe, clean place for people to engage in their carnal desires.

In the year 2050, an increase in sex trafficking and an outbreak of incurable sexually transmitted diseases draws people towards robots instead of humans, according to Ian Yeoman, paper coauthor and associate professor of management at Victoria Management School in New Zealand. He foresees hundreds of robots of every ethnicity roaming clubs in Amsterdam, providing all inclusive service for $10,000.

Amsterdam's red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexual transmitted infections, not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery, Yeoman wrote in the paper. The city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services.

The new sex industry will be a boon for the city, as it will draw in more and more tourists but eliminate many of the problems that come with prostitution, such as drug use and violence, according to the paper.

If you cannot wait until 2050, there are options available today. Though not as sophisticated as the robots Yeoman predicts, here are four sex robots that are currently for sale.

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